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    Even if I had site access ... probably not. Honestly one of the reasons we banned forum games was so that the users that posted in them would go away >_>. Perhaps it might be good to bring them back but don't expect it any time soon :P

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    Uh, I'll go look at my games later. I got bored of mario&luigi paper jam recently and never beat it.
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    Yes, a few times! We had a Sikorsky location nearby before Lockheed Martin acquired them. Also once between Manhattan and JFK.


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    It'll shift slightly more towards social and community interaction. We aren't dependent upon those two because we don't derive any profits (like Facebook), but the shift would be good to stave of stagnation. The community setup lacks the ability to sustain social interaction, such as *working* groups systems and a better communications system. Those are things we are planning to work on in the near future.


    Unless, if someone gets really frustrated, the community will stay here. As for development, I'm a little worried. We don't have many developers right now, while the last five years many of us have gone inactive. It's a fact, we have careers/life and eventually will become inactive. Whether that will be five months or five years, who knows? The point is, we seriously need to line up new developers and staff in the next year or two.

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     Am I slightly annoying or very annoying?

  • Schicko
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    Is a wasm port of TPT a possibility for the future? I remember there had been at least two attempts to port it to javascript using emscripten, so a wasm port should be possible right? I don't think it would be very practical since it would probably use more bandwidth to serve it on the site each time a user wants to use TPT rather than have users just download the natively compiled versions once, but it might be a nice way for people to try it out if they don't want to (or can't) download things on to their machines.


    Also, what do you guys think of my idea?

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    Hi, i'm someone who has tried to tackle a WASM port. I'm not staff, but i can give my feedback
    The thing is, TPT depends on memory allocations. As of now, WASM has a bit of trouble with that. ):
    The support is technically there, but it's very barebones and slow, making it impractical. Alongside that, all sorts of buggy behavior likes to crop up with WASM at the moment, due to differences between actual computers and WASM. Notably, in someone else's attempt, the screen was permanantly tinted red due to a subtle bug..
    Also, a port probably wouldn't be official.

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    Hey, sometimes happened as LAVA DMND bit buggy fixes, :( someone happened search "LAVA DMND", after spotted by bowser, this TPT probly wasn't i got it problems LAVA DMND it why one is buggy after happened few creators :( take and her dissapears LAVA DMND tried got did found you, better unlucky you LAVA DMND.

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    This is a bot ^ 




    When are yall gonna focus on expanding gameplay rather than just upkeep patches?

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    This man I approve.
    It would be really nice to see new elements.
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    Right. maybe this problems serbian?

    also problem did you not with TROLL.


    Did you hated banned why?

    Did mean as "see" now why you?

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    If you want to use the forums, you have to possess some English laguage knowledge. Google Translate isn't the best translating site out there. Being Serbian has nothing to do with it (although, remove kebab)