In the Gopherspace (GMT +0)
Feel free to copy any and all of my creations.

I'm a long time TPT junkie specialising in laser creations. Since this is a biography, I though I'd state some things that I hope would make me seem a tad less boring:

I once fainted from watching too much PewDiePie

I once cut my nose with a pair of scissors

My favourite hobby is sleeping

Tastedive profile - https://tastedive.com/___

Criticker profile - https://www.criticker.com/profile/uvlalid

Oh look! The dreaded list of cool and creative users:
mark2222 - 60Hz electronics master.
LBPHacker - 60Hz electronics master.
Coffee - Art and that.
zack123 - Always had loads of ideas for me.
sumthin_man - Great flair for lasers and engineering.
brodyrulz - Very helpful collaborator who worked on improving some of my creations.
Schneumer - Only other INTP I know.
Sandwichlizard - Ossum lasers and automation.
POWDER_AU_ - Multi laser. Nuff said.
jacob1 - Best mod ever.
Anmol444 - One of the most helpful users ever. Where did you go buddy?
gbasilva - Great friend who gives loads of help.
m_shinoda - Ossum lasers. Also ossum singing and rapping.
benthecrazy - Helpful electronics dude.
BuysDB - Amazing deco work.
c-miner-2213 - Has the highest number of uploaded creations in all of TPT.

If you've some spare time, perhaps a quick look-see at some of my creations that are slightly less pitiful than the rest:
Dray Bombs - id:2104570
My Bunker - id:1922252 (try the challenge - id:2280252)
Hijack Chip - id:2104566
Multi Cannon 3 - id:1949394
Multi Laser 6 - id:1949373
Multi Laser 7 - id:1949370
Multi Snow Cannon - id:2104565
WIP Modular Weapons Shop 2 - id:2102804
WIP Multi Laser 8 - id:1957279, id:2074373, id:2142154

And at long last, for the piece de resistance, please make a round of applause for other people's creations which I really like:
Solid printer - id:1699372
Star Wars multiplayer arcade - id:1494483
Snake game - id:1307826
Smallest piston mover - id:1305350
Smallest flipflops - id:1340126
Maze solving bot - id:1410073
108 lasers - id:335073
Photon powered laser - id:377699
Fast laser - id:1459416
Variable temperature laser - id:1480509
Fusion capable multi laser - id:1483605
Seeking laser - id:1435669
BRAY shooting piston ship shooting steerable piston ship - id:1432999
Angle change multi laser - id:1513242
Multi laser - id:1214457
Wavy laser - id:577554
Rainbow cannon - id:625641
Smallest counter - id:978551
Go home bot - id:1540421
CRAY Word Printer - id:1430267
Binary printer - id:1669116
Quaternary cypher - id:1563246
Automatic digital thermometre - id:1726110
Error.exe - id:1411511
CRAY Superlaser - id:1865182
60 Hz computer - id:1932845
BF interpreter - id:2025777

That's all for now folks!