More orientations for signs

  • funky3000
    13th Apr 2017 Member 0 Permalink

    Currently signs only point below the signs.


    I know this might be short, but I think that allowing the signs to point up could be handy in situations you want your creation to be visible yet labeled, especially in the case of spark signs


    Perhaps there could be a "pointing" option where down is the standard sign we have currently, but a setting of up would allow it to point up and have the text below the pointer.


    For example if you wanted to label a laser you could set signs to "down" above the laser and "up" if their below the laser, to increase visibility.

  • LBPHacker
    13th Apr 2017 Developer 0 Permalink

    That'd be useful. The good thing about this is that signs pointing up are already implemented, you just don't see them too often. Right now you only get a sign pointing up when you place one near the top of the screen. I'll try to implement this, hold on.


    lol ignore this. I did implement it in the end, but the answer below beats this one.

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  • jacob1
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    You could try the option that removes the pointer, then draw a line manually.
  • jacob2
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    @LBPHacker (View Post)
    Yep this is actually one of the reasons I added that option. That doesn't mean we can't add more options, but in most cases my suggestion will work.
  • funky3000
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     I actually mean this more for spark signs, such as if you have a laser with standard PSCN NSCN toggles, without covering the other sign or the laser itself. This would also work nicely for pressure and temperature signs depending on how things are built.

  • funky3000
    17th October Member 1 Permalink

    Apologies, I don't mean to necro. But with the current version having some additional features to signs, I searched for this again to see if anyone had made a new post with this idea. Nobody really has, so I figured I'd bring attention to this again.


    SO, I make the following update to this suggestion:


    Nowadays signs have many more variables that they can measure, no longer just pressure and temperature. The unfortunate thing with the suggestion to remove the pointer and manually draw the line, is that this is NOT how measurement signs work. I don't think they even work at all without their pointers, IIRC.


    The ability to force a pointer up, along with already having left and right orientation, would allow someone to place up to 4 different measurement signs on the same pixel or small cluster of pixels without too much obstruction if any at all.


    Please fully read and comprehend this. It's more than just a simple functionless line.