2011-03-31 14:25:24
Houghton, Michigan
- Long time internet user, 10+ years of active posting and browsing
- Bisexual furry, in a relationship for 2 years
- Studying CNSA at Michigan Tech
- Frequent player of Minecraft, Powder Toy, and Overwatch

- Creator of Canis Majoris, formerly infinite fusion bomb before the update
- Reinventor of infinite fusion
- Inventor of strange reactors, including tungsten, singularity, and conv-core fusion reactors
- Inventor of the Energy Condensers, created to pump as much heat per frame into a single point to drive conv-core fusion as efficiently and hot as possible
- Created a method of hydrogen splitting that allows all electrons to escape, confirming a 100% spawn rate for electrons upon splitting
- Created a hydrogen splitter under fusion conditions that confirms the 20% chance per frame for a hydrogen to fuse
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