Subframe Chipmaker Mod

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    What would this be used for? Are you trying to make some sort of screen? In general I wouldn't add a new feature unless it would be used very frequently.

  • mark2222
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    Oops, looks like I skipped a release, and we're now at v1.9. But the subframe chipmaker mod is back with updates from 95.0, as well as a series of bug fixes. Thanks mecha-man!



    • Merge changes in 94.1.
    • Add Lua timelapse feature.


    • Merge changes in 95.0.
    • Fix stack tool pmap id bug.
    • Fix prop tool particle name recognition bug.
    • Extend config tool to TSNS/LSNS tmp2.
    • Fix pasting/stamping ID reordering bug.
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    The download from starcatcher (linked in the in game update button) for mac is broken. It downloads a file called MACOSX.ptu which I have no idea what to do with. Also neither the old nor new versions appear in Launchpad once they are placed in the Applications folder. This is really odd because all other Powdertoy mods do.

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    Try again, it should send you to the right URL now