Subframe Chipmaker Mod

  • mark2222
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    Subframe development is hard. The Subframe Chipmaker Mod fixes that:

    • Automatic particle reloading (needs to be enabled with "tpt.autoreload_enable(1)")
    • Stacked particles shown in debug HUD
    • Hex display for FILT ctype
    • (v1.1) Stack tool (Shift + S): Easily stack and unstack particles without the property tool
    • (v1.7) Config tool (C): Easily configure DRAY, CRAY, LDTC, DTEC, FILT and CONV
    • More features in the README:


    This mod introduces no new particles and makes no simulation changes, and is thus entirely compatible with the official version.



    Thanks to starcatcher, you can download compiled executables here:



    Linux (32-bit):

    Linux (64-bit):


    Most recent changelog



    • Merge changes in 96.0.
    • Fix config tool large stack crash bug.
    • Fix local load unsaved changes bug.
    • Change "c" prop tool shortcut to "c:"

    Note that this is an ALPHA release. Not all features have been tested yet.


    Work queue

    Rebase and test changes.

    Stack edit tool to edit stacks without unstacking and restacking.


    Interested in subframe development? Join us on #powder-subframe on IRC! And check out my lesson series here:



    Have fun subframing!

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  • techyman305
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    This sounds great, most of the features are things I could really use! My only question is this: How do you actually use it? When I got jacob1's mod, it had an executer of its own in the file package, but yours does not have an executer of its own, and I'm not sure how to run in in regular TPT.

  • mark2222
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    Yeah, I didn't compile any executables since it isn't "stable" yet. Though, if you told me your operating system, I might be able to compile an executable for you.


    If you want, you can compile it yourself. At least for Linux, it's really simple; just four lines in the Terminal. Compilation instructions for all operating systems are on the wiki (, under "Powder Toy Development Help".

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  • jacob1
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    Cool! There are some nice changes in here. Just tried a few of them, I really like how it shows stacked particles. Some other stuff is nice too (didn't test actual subframe stuff of FILT though)

    I think this mod would be a great use for my build server:
    Just PM me or something, you only need to change one line and I can compile and host the mod for all platforms
  • techyman305
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    I've got Windows 10, and I looked at the wiki. You may want to compile an executable, just for people like me who don't yet know how to do it ourselves, or don't have Git or MinGW :P (I neither know how, nor have the required libraries, but I'll be getting them and learning how soon!)

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  • jacob1
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    @techyman305 (View Post)
    Download links for all platforms are now in the first post :)
  • techyman305
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    Yay! Thanks. Edit: I have tried it, it is amazing! It's everything that normal powder is, but with some added details that I greatly enjoy. +1!

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  • gunpowderTR
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    Soo... Idk if this is normal but after 5 mins of playing with this i noticed that tpt was using 158,7 MiB of ram.

  • mark2222
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    @gunpowderTR (View Post)


    Memory usage for me remains constant at about 500M. Did you do anything unusual during that 5 mins? Are you using OS X? Might be related to this issue:

  • gunpowderTR
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    @mark2222 (View Post)

     Nope i wasnt doing unusual stuff (only tested the mod with a few saves) and im on linux (ubuntu to be exact)

    Also what is the reason for high mem usage on this mod

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