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     The flaw with comment notifications is spam. Yeah no need to worry about adding this until finished with the bugs.

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    Apparently, once you are rated Group Manager or above, you cannot resign from a group (at least as far as I can tell). The only way to leave is to be kicked by an Owner, or if you're an Owner, by the Founder. I'm in one group that is completely dead (last post in mid-January) and I can't find out hwere to go to leave it.


    (I'm putting this on here because it may be a bug)

  • Schicko
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    I think clicking on page numbers on save profiles whilst sorting by date (eg on ) doesn't append an &Sort=Date on the links so it reverts to sorting by votes.

  • jacob1
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    aw, I must have missed that. I will fix it later, shouldn't be hard.
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    aw, I must have missed that. I will fix it later, shouldn't be hard.I have fixed that.
  • jacob1
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    New changes (note: I haven't fixed some of the bugs mentioned above yet)

    Allow shapshots to upload saves (you can now use this snapshot as a replacement for official TPT, if you want the latest fixes)
    Fix beta updates being sent to people who aren't enrolled in beta updates (might do betas later, no plans right now)
    No longer allow certain bad passwords, or using username as the password (existing users with bad passwords will have to send a password reset email to login again, but your current sessions will stay for now)
    Login rate limiting, it will lock you out if you attempt too many logins in a short time

    Using security as an excuse, I got simon to update the site! He also added login rate limiting (something I wasn't exactly able to do before), which is very nice. Blame SopaXorzTaker.
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    @jacob1 2016 is turning out to be a great year for TPT. Lots of updates compared to 2015. Nice to see security enhancements too.

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    Yah, it was me forcing jacob1 to implement these. I even got a shiny ban. (no offense)

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    You wouldn't have been banned if you didn't flaunt so publicly that you had the passwords.

    Anyway, it was already a known problem and I had a fix 4 months ago for new accounts. Now, it applies to existing accounts and simon even got involved to finally update with the changes and add login rate limiting.
  • Mrprocom
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    A few things I noticed:

    • In locked threads (example) the post score look ugly, specially the posts that have a post score highlighted with a green shadow box.
    • When you view your own saves (view your profile and then choose Saves) shouldn't the "My Profile" tab from the navigation bar be active instead of the "Browse" tab from the navigation bar?
    • The container of some pages is larger than the navigation bar and some containers are smaller than the navigation bar, I suggest making all of them have the same size.
      Some pages with a container bigger than the navigation bar:
      Some pages with a container smaller than the navigation bar:
      It's easy to figure out the pages from the screenshots
    • Two things in groups:
      Speaking of groups, when will it be completely fixed? it's been long since you promised that it will be fixed.
    • A few things in here:
    • The colour of the placeholder of the search text field from the navigation bar becomes black when you go back/forward to another powdertoy page:
    • The page number selector seems to be broken:
      Same problem happens with the page number selector when you search for something that has a large number of results (example: searching for all the posts a user who posted a lot like boxmein).

    Sorry for the big wall of text. You should probably add a section in your first post for known problems so that other people don't report them again.



    Also perhaps this could serve as a central place for us to reject all your site suggestions, so post those here if you have them too.

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