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  • jacob1
    14th Feb 2016 Developer 5 Permalink
    Now that the site is being updated again, I figured we needed a changelog of all the changes and fixes being done. Also perhaps this could serve as a central place for us to reject all your site suggestions, so post those here if you have them too.

    Anyway, on to the changes! Unless specified, all of these changes only affect the website, not anything in game.

    Phase 1 (January 24th):
    • Fix Save blocks not loading after clicking 'show' on hidden posts
    • Don't lowercase links in profiles
    • Fix moderator comments not being highlighted when switching comment pages
    • Fix bug preventing people from canceling group registrations after reaching the limit
    • Fix application and join time for groups
    • Some button styling for groups
    • Fix user profile link in pending group registrations list
    • List pending group applications on user's groups page
    • Raise group limit from 3 to 4

    Phase 2 (February 28th):
    • Some typo fixes
    • Fix "Show" buttons duplicating when a hidden post is shown (bug from previous update)
    • Fix comments on timestamps (bug from previous update)
    • Add maxlength attribute to comment textbox
    • Check validity of passwords when registering / changing password (no unicode passwords, and 5 character minimum)
    • Make registration page slightly more fancy
    • Allow reporting saves multiple times
    • Fix forum post / thread count not decreasing when deleting threads (this is why there are empty pages at the end of most subforums)
    • Fix newlines when creating a new thread with WYSIWYG disabled
    • Fix glitch allowing autoplay youtube videos
    • Fix glitch with "The Game"
    • Allow Russian hackers to steal login information
    • Ensure session cookies are deleted from the database when logging out
    • Ban reasons displayed when logging in in game
    • Fix html tags not showing up in comments (they should be escaped, not removed)
    • Fix weirdness with "Discussions" / "Important Links" headers
    • Fix misplaced buttons when viewing your saves
    • Add a "By Date" button to Browse.html and User/Saves.html
    • Fix CSS issues on extra download page, update design of older download page (looks like something else is broken now though)
    • Raise group limit even more, from 4 to 6
    • Show registration time on user page
    • Don't allow upvoting hidden / removed posts
    • Fix the conversations textbox being extremely glitchy and annoying when typing html

    Phase 3 (March 23rd):
    • Small css fixes to /Download/{Older,Browse}.html
    • Fix mac update check
    • Changes that should allow "enroll in beta updates" to be fixed (not working yet)
    • Fix 64 bit download link on Download page (not working - seems to 404)
    • In game changelogs!
    • Allow developers to release game updates without waiting on a team of sloths to do it

    Update 4 (June 15th)
    • Allow shapshots to upload saves (official snapshots will be marked as beta if this needs to be prevented)
    • Fix beta updates being sent to people who aren't enrolled in beta updates
    • No longer allow certain bad passwords, or using username as the password
    • Login rate limiting, it will lock you out if you attempt too many logins in a short time

    Update 5 (2018-05-20)
    • Fix textboxes on register page - username / email boxes should turn red when invalid / taken
    • Remove adblock message on https pages
    • Removed posts no longer show username or avatars
    • Fix pagination in /User/Saves.html not keeping sort
    • Still show registration date for banned users
    • No more &PageNum=0 on links
    • Block access to profiles by ID
    • Show whether a save is published or not (currently only does if you are the owner)
    • Properly fix XSS exploits
    • Better handling of < & > in thread related stuff (currently not counted properly and removed in thread titles for no reason)
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  • WinstonsDomain
    14th Feb 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    I don't know if this has been mentioned but it didn't make sense to me:

    Logging in on the game - usename is case sensitive

    Logging in on the website - username is not case sensitive


    Is there a way to fix it so that the game is not case sensitive when logging in or was it designed that way?

  • jacob1
    15th Feb 2016 Developer 1 Permalink
    @WinstonsDomain (View Post)
    That doesn't look like something easily fixable. Maybe if we redo how some security / login stuff works it could be fixed.
  • Mrprocom
    15th Feb 2016 Moderator 0 Permalink
    Some minor stuff:
    In the main forum page, the headlines (Discussions, Important Topics and Recent Topics) act differently when you hover over them. Also the Recent Topics headline is the only one that is an actual link.
    On your own saves, these two buttons are misplaced:
    The FAQ page could be updated.
    You can bypass "Your message was too short." by adding empty spaces that won't even show up after posting (unless you use the wysiwyg editor or the html entity of a space).

    Edit: I suggest this: being a short link (like to the current thread.
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  • jacob1
    15th Feb 2016 Developer 1 Permalink
    @Mrprocom (View Post)
    Fixed the headline inconsistencies. For the "short link to the current thread", the code that handles this stuff is really weird so I won't do that.

    I tried fixing the misplaced buttons but couldn't figure it out ... adding "pull-right" to some stuff can make the unpublish button go to the right, but then the delete button refused to go into the proper position. They are supposed to be directly below the download / open buttons (they are this way for moderators). Maybe someone else can figure out how to make it work. Edit: Fixed!

    The FAQ definitely needs to be updated. Maybe I will go through and edit some of the messages. It would be nice if someone could write new FAQ entries / MoTDs to be inserted.

    I might fix the "Your message was too short" later. It isn't really that bad ... since the message does technically meet the length requirements.
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  • mniip
    15th Feb 2016 Developer 4 Permalink
    >Allow Russian hackers to steal login information

  • wolfy1339
    15th Feb 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    Add usage for Groups registration info, right now it's there for nothing. Or delete it altogether. (

    Add usage for the Registration form or delete it altogether. (/Groups/Page/Register.html)


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  • MiningMarsh
    15th Feb 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    If you are rejecting all site suggestions anyways, I suggest this site become the testing ground for a AI designed to figure out what is inside boxmein's box.

  • DanielGalrito
    16th Feb 2016 Member 0 Permalink

    Time to become a russian hacker :P

  • boxmein
    16th Feb 2016 Moderator 0 Permalink
    @jacob1 (View Post)
    Here's my off-the-top-of-my-head list of stuff:

    1. Awkward line-breaking when inline HTML is used, especially when lists and paragraphs are involved
    2. No line-breaking at all when creating a new thread. Editing the post and immediately saving works, therefore the source form is saved appropriately.
    3. Various views (report list, conversations, groups, save boxes in conversations) need to be updated to match the bootstrap theme
    4. Back when @Ximon was more active, he added stuff for my userscripts into the HTML. This includes
      var conversationsUnread
      . This should be refactored into some sort of API.
    5. Carefully whitelist all allowed HTML tags by, for example, replacing every < and > with HTML entities first, then replacing back to HTML later as allowed.
    6. Make the FAQ a part of the wiki and have the navbar link to it. This is useful for everchanging frequent questions.
    7. Add more boxes. We all love boxes. This is commonly sought for across the forum. We all love boxes, right? *grips banhammer*
    8. Bring back Orange.css for nostalgia and memories

    Here's another with stuff you've mentioned earlier but would be good to keep an actual list of:
    1. Duplicate comment moderation UI onto save view pages
    2. Integrate UI from @jacksonmj's enhancements scripts
    3. Give @boxmein access so I could fix everything :D