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    You'll need to do what I said in my post, either change PMAPBITS back to 8, or update all of the references in your mod.

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    OK, I can fix it later
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    Snapshot 109
    Fix STOR->PRTI transfer

    If you find any other bugs, report them here. Even extremely obscure things, or things you aren't sure about. The element limit increase changed the code of pretty much every single element. It was mostly search&replace, but some bugs could have slipped through like this one.

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    If possible, I would recommend trying to merge these changes into your mod. It took me like a week on and off on my side to make them, merging them into an existing mod would take less time. It will probably cause a lot of merge conflicts with your code. But it would also cause more merge conflicts in the future by not merging it.
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    The stor to prti transfer is now working perfectly but i think there are still some messes with element ids and changes made to PIPE element for example the stor to pipe transfer is broken even after the update.
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    Thank you all for your time and effort on TPT.

    Getting repeated error: "Cannot upload save. Incompatible with latest release version" (since snapshot 107 iirc).


    Is it the new way that PIPE is saved that has caused this error? Even new saves that contain PIPE will throw the same error.

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    Yes, there really isn't a way around it. I try to keep these 100% compatible with the official version to encourage more people to use them, but the PIPE change is incompatible with the current version 92.5. The way it stores the data of what is inside it and what color it is changed. I added the error so that people wouldn't accidentally upload saves that don't work.

    When 93.0 is out it won't be a problem, you'll be able to upload saves again. Maybe I could do 93.0 in February/March, there isn't anything holding it back. 92.0 took so long because of several incomplete things.

    BTW (speaking to everyone), there is no guarantee saves created in the snapshots will be openable in future snapshots or TPT versions. I made sure that the snapshots can open its own saves (for now), and 92.5 saves. I didn't check whether the future 93.0 would be able to open saves using PIPE from the snapshots.
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     Thanks for the info. I'll go back to an earlier version for the time being then.
    Shame though. I was looking forward to playing with STOR/PRTI transfer.

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    So what's the problem? Just use snapshot 107 and use stor-> prti transfer it wil work fine and you will also be able to upload saves at the same time(with pipe elemen).
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    Snapshot 113:
    Add -flto, should give a notable speed boost
    Fix free particle list messing up during particle debug

    The -flto option should make the game faster, it causes it to do additional optimization after compiling each file (during the "link" step where all the code is linked together). The Windows version already was using an equivalent option, /LTGC. This should give the same speed boost that Windows had to other platforms.

    I had some difficulties with the mac version, but that was due to having multiple versions of the compiler.
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    Fast trig when