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    I've created a snapshot server for TPT, which is similar to the minecraft snapshots in that it lets you test the new versions before they are officially released. These snapshots will prompt you to update in game, and will update often (usually every day where a change is made). There are also changelogs in game before updating, kind of like how my mod does it.

    Anyway, go here for the main download page:

    Fancy Download Page

    Direct file links:
    OS X (alt, older)
    Linux 32 bit
    Linux 64 bit

    Session checks are still sent to, so you will still get new conversation notifications and logouts from there. The alternate server is used for update notifications and the MotD, and it can also send out notifications which appear along side any notifications from the official server. Also, the only information sent to the alternate update server (besides version information) is username, it won't steal your session information or anything.

    These versions use as the update server. Everything is fully automated, it is just one command to compile, package, and release everything. The only manual thing is writing the changelog (submitting the changelog pushes the release live) These builds are compiled inside a VM on, and are fully static.

    These snapshots aren't marked as betas, so they allow you to upload saves just like normal TPT does EDIT: Not until the site is updated with my fix. Maybe you could use this version instead if you wanted quicker updates :). Note that this may change to re-enable the --beta flag at some point in the future, especially if new elements or major changes are added.

    Also be warned that since these are snapshots, saves created in one snapshot may not load properly in another. This happens because when we move properties around, we tell the save loading code "if this save was made in version 90 or less, run this compatibility code". Since the snapshots are marked as the newest version, it never gets run. Breakages like this shouldn't happen often, but if they do you might have to manually set some properties in your save.

    Here are some links to the changelogs since 90.2:
    part 1, up to March 20th:
    part 2, up to September 1st:
    part 3, up to October 1st:
    Everything since Snapshot 1:
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    I can't understand why dray isn't working, there seems to be a bug where if there's an empty pixel in front of DRAY, it breaks.


    Please look into it. It might get resolved by 2020.

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    Oops, I just fixed that. Expect a new snapshot soon!

    I already set up something I can hopefully use as a build server. It can only compile windows builds right now but I should be able to get mac / lin64 set up soon.

    Edit: Set up Linux 64 bit compiling, including a static SDL! This means that for almost everyone, you will no longer have to install the SDL and Lua packages just to run TPT. Although if you are running TPT currently you probably have them installed.
    I'm a bit busy but once I have time I will set up OS X compiling (which is easy using some scripts I made), then compile some official builds and release them as snapshot updates.

    Edit2: Set up OS X compiling, and also lots of scripts to automatically compile and move stuff. Further automation will come later. I am compiling snapshot 2 right now but can't release it until tomorrow when I modify Startup.json
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    I've released snapshot #2

    Fix DRAY not working if the first space was empty
    Improve / Fix DRAY .ctype
    Fix creating WIND from Lua, fix crash with sim.floodWalls(1,1,4,0)

    If you have the first snapshot, you can update to this. The startup check is fully set up now, it will return valid json and is easily customizable. So changing the MotD and sending notifications to users should be easy.

    In addition, these builds are now compiled on itself. There is an ubuntu server VM I set up to do the compiling on. At the moment I have to manually start it and run several .sh scripts, but later i'll fully automate it. There are several good things about the build server. The windows build doesn't crash when compiled with the compiler on there, which means I can compile with sse2 again. Also, the 64 bit Linux build is almost entirely static. You don't even need SDL, or any of the massive mess of libraries current TPT or my mod require. Apparently most of that was SDL, but with SDL embedded inside TPT should be easy to run. All you need now is some X11 libraries, which should be standard. It is almost as large as the windows build now, but I think the static libraries are better.

    Anyway, definitely download and test these. Either to report bugs or just to check if any of your saves are broken.

    Edit: Snapshot #3:
    No longer error when opening saves from a newer version
    No longer allow opening corrupted saves and voting on them
    Adding a comment updates the total number of pages
    Prevent element buttons from glitching out when names are longer than 7 characters
    Support longer changelogs
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    @jacob1 (View Post)
    Are there any changes to behaviour of switch or pstn (except speed)? my saves are behaving oddly.and why glow is reduced of walls?please reply..please update android port...
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    Did you read the changelogs? The only relevant thing I can find is "Allow PSTN movement amount to be set by PSTN temperature". If you use stacked piston that is now broken, you should use PSTNs .temp. I don't think we changed SWCH at all. Also are you annoyed by the less glowy walls? I like that >_>, it was so hard to see stuff with activated detector wall.

    Maybe if you post the saves I can look at them.

    Also the android port is on hold until I have more time to work on it (probably soon). There are issues with 91.0 *still* not coming out yet.
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    neutrons can go through ceramic

  • ChargedCreeper
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    neutrons can go through ceramic


    That is an intentional feature of that element, which has uses with making reactors.

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    There's a HUGE problem...


    you can't type | or \...