TPT Minecraft Server

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     you are 8 you have the grammar of one if you speak actual english


    But if you dont then ok.

  • jacob1
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    Don't worry about it, the problem is resolved (same resolution as it was during those posts).
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     Hello, do you need a mod? I also have some experience with plugins, if you need that later on. I will be online multiple hours a day.

  • Tankeyes
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    I still exist. I just don't like 1.20

  • LogikMacherDE
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    1.20.1 or for me worst in fps ever i feel like minecraft is dying agian im on beta and alpha agian you might never see me on the server also jacob1 can you open an old like release 1.0 server if you wanna do beta 1.8 or relase 1.1 it ok also i swear to god fix creative server i might can help or not depending how tiererd i am rn

  • LogikMacherDE
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    wierd dint i say once where my base is at in the creative world also i dont remember claiming it they forgot my ship from ohio lol but so i really care it gets griefed i mean im banned so who cares -4500 -4500 x and z cords have fun

  • SamDwich
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    uh the server seems to be down or smh i cant join it

  • jacob1
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    If you want updates on the server, check the Discord. It's linked in the first post. I have an update in there :)

    It is in fact down right now, one of the chunks somewhere got corrupted. I've never seen this happen before, but there are backups, so I'll fix it tonight once I can properly investigate it.

    The creative server is still running.

    Edit: Fixed now
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  • SamDwich
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    well uhhhh now its just timing out on both servers

    tf am i meant to do

  • jacob1
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    Ok, this is fixed now

    It was broken because of Windows Firewall, which automatically blocks programs whenever a popup appears, even if you click X or Cancel. So because I got a popup earlier while testing for corrupted nbt data, java was blocked from the internet.