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    [June 2023 update - map has been reset]

    I am hosting official minecraft servers for TPT - for survival and for creative. Here are the details:

    • This is for the PC (Java) edition of the game, so if you are on console or using bedrock edition, you need to buy the java version instead
    • You will need a vanilla 1.20.4 client to join. The server software is Spigot, which allows for the loading of server-side plugins.
    • It uses Bungeecord, and we have two servers. Type /server creative to switch over to the creative server, and /server main to go back to survival.
    • It has online-mode set to true to prevent abuse. So you'll need to have bought the game to join. If you don't own the game and I like you, I might be able to place an exemption. Talk to me on IRC about that.
    • There is a three way relay between the Minecraft Servers, to IRC ( #powder-mc), to Discord ( Players on IRC or Discord will be able to check who is online using !!online or /list, and chat with players on the server. This link can be used to talk to other ops or players while they are not playing Minecraft
    • It uses the GriefPrevention plugin. Usage Tutorial. The claim tool is a golden shovel, and a stick can be used to see existing claims.
    • It uses the dynmap plugin to render the entire world live with a web interface: survival, creative. Type /dynmap hide to hide your location from this. GriefPrevention claims are shown on the map also.
    • There are some anticheat plugins loaded. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the server. This includes hacked clients or xray.
    • Now has death chests (via the AngelChest plugin), when you die due to any reason your items go into a chest, and you have one day to go fetch them.

    To connect, connect directly to

    The server is community-focused. We like to link everyone together via nether railways so that we can quickly reach anyone's base. Several players (like me) love to build giant public farms, from xp farms to gold farms to guardian farms. These projects get built up over time and are free for public use. PvP is strongly discouraged besides with prior agreement.

    Even with the community focus, everyone builds up their own base either alone or as part of a group. Due to GriefPrevention, there is no worries about having your items stolen. If you want to form a team with multiple people, ask an admin. This uses the vanilla teams feature, it allows you to have a special colored nick for everyone on your team, gives you /teammsg access, and allows you to turn off friendlyfire.

    The worst mob in the game, Phantoms, are disabled. You do not need to worry about them :). If you want to repair an elytra, ask someone for a mending book. Multiple players have these for sale.

    There is a bot that can help you with crafting and other things. Here are the commands you can use:
      !!craft <item> - shows the crafting recipe for item
      !!search <item> - searches all recipes for anything matching item
      !!gettime - returns the current minecraft time, and minecraft and IRL time until sunset/sundown
      !!getweather - returns the current weather, either clear, rain, or thunderstorm
      !!getplayer <player> - returns the location of a player, and how much health they have (must be visible on dynmap)
      !!getmap <player> - returns a dynmap link centered around a certain player
      !!getclaim <player> - returns information about the claim a player is standing in
      !!brewingchart - returns a reference link to the brewing chart on the MC Wiki
      !!tradingchart - returns a reference link to all villager professions and trades

    I also have the maps of the previous versions of the server. It may take some moving files around to make them openable as a single player world. These maps are mostly for people who have played on the server that want to see their old builds. I always keep the old maps every time I reset:
    1.8 (through feb. 2016)
    1.9/1.10 (through nov. 2016)
    1.11/1.12 (through jul. 2018)
    1.13-1.15 (through jun. 2020)
    1.16/1.17 (through dec. 2021)
    1.18/1.19 (through jun. 2023, seed -1662932134102080486)
    24w14potato (April 2024) imposes a 5GB per day download limit. To download these, you may want to use their software that will automatically complete the downloads during low-load times. If this becomes a problem let me know and I can upload them elsewhere.
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    Are you going to install some plugins?

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    @Mrprocom (View Post)
    Yes maybe, that's why I posted this. I've only ever done pure vanilla servers but I know there are some modifications out there.

    Nothing that requires any client side mods though.
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    IGN: CeeJayBee

    Looks nice. I think sticking vanilla is the best way to go about this because chances are clientside mods will screw everything. Is it gonna be in the same sort of vein as mniip's one?
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    Yes, it will be similar to that. Just with some extra protections and hopefully more users. I was looking into this one plugin that would allow you to claim land so others can't grief it, but I need to figure that out.

    And IRC link will be really similar.
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    What version of minecraft is it?

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     Can you do the samething to Roblox? add a TPT server on there please ...

    @ajloveslily (View Post)

     Probably the current version of Minecraft!

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    I don't play Roblox or even know what it is.

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    I never said you couldn't do communism >_>, but i'm not joining in on that.
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    @jacob1 (View Post) NEED TO BORROW AN ACCOUNT PLS