2021-03-17 16:41:31
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This is my biography but I'm not gonna put anything useful here or something.
So here's some stuff I guess:

You can indeed eat chalk, not good unless you are antler-bearing(like a deer for example, but even then, you know...), but I mean, you can do it.

In the Scottish Hebrides, an island is defined as being an island only if it is big enough to sustain 1 sheep.

Cat's urine will glow if illuminated with a black light.

Polar bears have black skin.

A housefly only lives for 14 days.

You would need to eat about 200 apple seeds to die of cyanide poisoning.

At the time of writing this useless fact, Pluto will complete its next full orbit in 155 years, 9 months, 25 days, on March 23, 2178, on a Monday, or exactly 4,917,128,321 seconds from now. Check here to see how long it will be currently: https://howlongagogo.com/date/2178/march/23

Large quantities of pistachio nuts can spontaneously combust due to their high oil and low water content.

The fear of long words is named 'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia', or alternatively just 'sesquippedaliophobia'.

Unicode does not have a symbol resembling a backwards comma.

In TPT, your own biography has a button to start a conversation with yourself, namely the 'Send Message' button.

10 people die per year from shark attacks,150 people die per year from falling coconuts, meaning that coconuts are 15x deadlier than sharks, and in the U.S. 2,521 reportedly died from falling down stairs in 2019. This tallies up to falling down stairs being about 252x as deadly as sharks and 16.8x as deadly as coconuts.

There have been around 10 official Bovine wars and approximately 13 total.

The disclaimer text at the end of Arby's E-League partnership ads all relates to the ad(for example, '(Don't try this at home, it's a waste of Curly Fries.)' on the advertisement for curly fries.)

Currently the original Planet Bars is abandoned and I will be working on a new one. Check back in the future.
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