TPT Radio

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    .:TPT radio:.




    |    /|||\  TPT radio  |

    |    \|||/   ------|----    |

    |              O O O O |


    .:Where to get it?:.


    Adds a radio button to TPT, that allows you to tune in to internet radio.
    plzzz suggest urls of internet radio for more channels...



    jward212 ceo of TPT radio :P

    special thanks to jacob1



    ch0 rockitradio

    ch1 abacus mozart

    ch2 abacus ABBA

    ch3 abacus country

    ch4 abacus 50's

    ch5 abacus 70's

    ch6 abacus 80's

    ch7 abacus 90's

    ch8 abacus discohits

    ch9 abacus british comedy

    ch10 audiophile baroque

    ch11 audiophile classical

    ch12 audiophile jazz

    ch13 audiophile live

    ch14 audiophile icecast


    .:youtube demo:.


    .:other mods:.

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    Useful links - links to common websites and threads

    HL2 Head Crabs - adds head crabs

    colourful name tags - makes your name tag change colours smoothly

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    hud now goes away with 'H'

    added evilness

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    Quick... lol

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    thank you, very nice abortion

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    add Soviet Anthem Earrape and Katyusha and russian music channel

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