The Psyence Mod

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    The Psyence Mod

    ("psyence" pronounced as "science")


    Hello TPT community.

    This mod is a revisitation of the Realistic Science Mod. I worked on a few versions of its successor in C++, but eventually I decided I missed the old one, so I will not be releasing URSM++ version 4.0.1. Instead, I went back to my old source and fixed many bugs and things that were wrong. For instance, there will be no more black holes created upon nuclear fusion, protons plus electrons now makes hydrogen, and NUKE/CYST has had a huge update. These changes are just a few of what I have been working on recently. There will be many suprises yet to come. I am finishing up on fixing the most obvious bugs for a 5.0.1 release, then I will proceed with periodic updates with the minor bugs. Now, some of you may be wondering why I switched back to the old C source. This is because I like it better and I feel more comfortable programming in that environment. Please do not post on here telling me to update the source and make it open certain saves. I am also well aware that the old version did not work for most people. This issue is being worked on, and I will try my best to fix it, but I still do not know what is going on. This next release, however, should work for most people. 


    Mod Staff:



    Original Mod Creators:





    Sept 10, 2013 - *Fixed black holes/stars being created upon many explosions

    Sept 10, 2013 - *Fixed CYST+NUKE reaction

    Sept 10, 2013 - *Fixed positrons and nucleons not creating electricity on conductors

    Sept 11, 2013 - *Fixed protons and electrons not creating hydrogen

    Sept 11, 2013 - *Fixed muon catalysed fusion

    Sept 12, 2013 - +Added muon, electron, and tau flavoured neutrinos determined by ctype

    Sept 12, 2013 - *Made positron electron annihilation produce a photon

    Sept 12, 2013 - -Removed nucleus

    Sept 12, 2013 - *Rename NCLN to ALPH (alpha particle)

    Sept 12, 2013 - *NUKE is now red matter, made by compressing cold antihydrogen

    Sept 12, 2013 - *CYST is now blue matter, made by compressing cold hydrogen

    Sept 13, 2013 - +Added antihydrogen

    Sept 13, 2013 - +Added and tweaked reactions for hydrogen/antihydrogen and red/blue matter.

    Sept 13, 2013 - *Photons will now decay into energy if they are not moving fast enough.

    Sept 15, 2013 - *Moved to a better compiler that revealed many errors.

    Sept 16, 2013 - -Removed photon decay feature, needs more work.

    Sept 16, 2013 - *Fixed BMTR+RMTR and PROT crash.

    March 20-26,2014 - *Fixed so many bugs, renamed HSO4 (H2SO4) to HSLF then removed it.

    March 26, 2012 - +Methane

    March 26, 2014 - *Organic chemistry is better now, play around with CRBN, O2, and H2

    March 26, 2014 - *Organic gasses burn slowly and explode when burned with oxygen.



    Psyence 6.0

    Source 6.0


    Old Versions:

    Psyence 5.0.3

    Source 5.0.3


    Psyence 5.0.1

    Source 5.0.1


    RScience 2.3.3
    Source 2.3.3

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    There have been over 25,000 downloads of all the mods in this series since March 2012! Thanks everyone!

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    What do you mean, "Photons will now decay into energy if they are not moving fast enough."

    Decay into what form of energy? Are they not already electromagentic energy?

  • firefreak11
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    @The-Fall (View Post)

     Yes, I mean pure energy. As in pressure in TPT's case.

  • The-Fall
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    And now its up! Yes!

    EDIT: Crashes, Immediately.

             Problem Event Signature: "APPCRASH"

    Also, there doesnt appear to be a icon for the program either.

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  • firefreak11
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    @The-Fall (View Post)

     I know the icon issue, I will see what I can do, but I am still not sure why the thing crashes... I will look at it later

  • Michael238
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    It crashes immediately. Since the C++ version worked perfectly, as well as RScience 2.2.1 and earlier, this suggests that there is a serious problem in the code somewhere, or in the compiler.

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  • jacob1
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    I think your compiler is just broken. No idea what's wrong with it, it's just not doing something right, since most of your mods don't work for most people. I got some error like "illegal cpu instruction", I wonder if it's inserting some odd / broken instruction in there.

    Also i'm not sure why with c++ it would start working. If you haven't tried reinstalling the compiler, try it again. Also maybe I have some ideas of what to change in the makefile that might fix it.

    I did compile this for you though:
    Compiled for windows on linux. It is a legacy (non sse2) version. It might not work on windows xp but i'm not sure.
    It was much easier to get it working this time, than the nightmare last time ... visual studio was not a good choice lol.

    Oh, also I noticed that PROT crashed the game. It's these broken for loops:
    for (rx>2; rx>3; rx++)
    for (ry>2; ry>3; ry++)

    that should be for (rx=-2; rx<3; rx++)
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  • firefreak11
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    @Michael238 (View Post)

     I was hoping we could avaoid that this time, I am actuallly searching back in the old threads to what release started crashing it, then I will redo everything I have done since then. I remember how everyone used to be waiting intently for releases, and now the mods' fanbase seems empty.

    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Thanks, I will look into this right away. Do you know why the icon is missing in my release?

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    @firefreak11 (View Post)

     Mod works, thanks to jacob1. However blue matter plus red matter even 1x1 pixels will crash game. I'm really enjoying the mod good work firefreak. Also, insanity? Lol get on skype sometime.

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    Wait what?

    Is it C?