The Unrealistic Science Mod Revamped!

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         The Unrealistic Science Mod Revamped!(μ catalysed fusion!)


          The time has come! Hello, people on the internet! I am firefreak11(3) and if anyone can remember, I had a nice mod going back in the spring, from around march to june, then all hell broke loose on me PC's. At various points through the summer, I tried to get back to modding but it never worked. Any mods that I stated would be released by me are all canceled, as you can probably tell. (Mods like Gigahertz and Linux only Mod) Only the original Unrealistic Science Mod (URSM) exists so far with URSM2 indev. I have predicted a first release within a few weeks after I get the feel of coding in C again and complete rehauling the original elements from the URSM. This mod will be based on version 79.2 and will be supported on Windows unless played through Wine, PlayOnLinux or something else for Macintosh and Linux. (unless I could get someone to compile for those for me)

    Anyways, I thank you for your patience in waiting for my next mod (if you were waiting :p) and keep looking to this post for updates. 





    Original Win32
    Original SRC


    URSMRevamped Version 2.1.5
    URSMRevamped SRC




    Sept 15, 2012 Started Mod.

    Sept 15, 2012 +added BSEC. Bose-Einstein Condensate. Absolute zero temp particles.

    Sept 15, 2012 *Changed some text.

    Sept 16, 2012 -rmved NTNO temporarily. Too buggy.

    Sept 16, 2012 +added SLFR. Sulfur. Reacts with fire and burns water into O2.

    Sept 16, 2012 +added CRBN. Carbon. Formed by pressurizing CO2.

    Sept 16, 2012 +added FLSH. Flash powder. Pretty reaction with fire.

    Sept 17, 2012 +added ANFO. High power explosive.

    Sept 17, 2012 +added SDST. Star dust embers.

    Sept 18, 2012 +added STAR. Solid form of SDST.

    Sept 18, 2012 +added Astro/quantum menu for elements concerning astrohysics and quantum mech.

    Sept 19, 2012 *STAR now draws in particles.

    Sept 20, 2012 *Fixed most bugs

    Sept 22, 2012 !Release! Version 1.0

    Oct 31, 2012  +Adding Up Quarks and plan to add all six

    Nov 2, 2012    +added up quark, down quark, gluon, proton, nucleon.

    Nov 2, 2012   *working out bugs

    Nov 2, 2012   *STAR and sdst now glow

    Nov 2, 2012   !Ran into techinical issues.

    Nov 3, 2012   *Adding some fixes

    Nov 3, 2012   +Adding Graviton(Hypothetical Boson)

    Nov 4, 2012   !Released a beta version

    Nov 4, 2012   *completed gravitons

    Nov 4, 2012   *New exploding SING reaction

    Nov 4, 2012   *STAR now has its own gravity instead of advection currents

    Nov 4, 2012   *NCLN and AMTR annihilate eachother

    Nov 4, 2012   *All new subatomics spawn normally

    Nov 4, 2012   +added TRTM-Tritium, reactive with positrons.

    Nov 4, 2012   +added PSTN-Positrons, anti-electrons.

    Nov 5, 2012   *Fixed multiple bugs

    Nov 5, 2012   +Added NUKE, reacts with EXPL

    Nov 5, 2012   +Added EXPL, reacts with NUKE

    Nov 5, 2012   *Moved subatomic particles to correct menusection.

    Nov 5, 2012   *Done testing. Please report bugs to this thread.

    Nov 5, 2012   !Release! Version 2.0.2

    Nov 5, 2012   !Everything fixed, version 2.0.2 is out.

    Nov 6, 2012   +Implemented new rules for STAR

    Nov 6, 2012   *Fixed STAR gravity not working

    Nov 6, 2012   *CO2 and PLNT now combine to make CRBN

    Nov 6, 2012   +Added NTNO, Neutrinos.

    Nov 6, 2012   +Added NCLS, full nucleus that combines with electrons for hydrogen. NCLN now requires W boson to become a full nucleus.

    Nov 6, 2012   +Added W bosons. Combines with NCLN for NCLS.

    Nov 6, 2012   +Added a bunch of secret Nukes and reactions. Different availble uncompressions of SING

    Nov 6, 2012   *NUKE and EXPL reactoin changed

    Nov 6, 2012   *ELEC and PSTN reaction changed.

    Nov 6, 2012   *renamed EXPL to CYST (catalyst or however one spells it :p)

    Nov 6, 2012   +Added Nuke handbook for secret reactions. (Will be included in SRC)

    Nov 6, 2012   !More technical issues, may delay work

    Nov 7, 2012   +Added DMTR-darkmatter

    Nov 7, 2012   +Added MUON, muons. interact  with stuff...not set yet...and causes room temp fusion with H2

    Nov 7, 2012   *Created seperate menus for quarks, bosons, and leptons.

    Nov 8, 2012   +Added Tau. 1 in 500 chance to react with muons.

    Nov 8, 2012   *Bosons, Leptons, and Quarks are now colour coded based on type.

    Nov 8, 2012   *Fixed a lot of bugs, changed some text.

    Nov 8, 2012   *More particles will decay now.

    Nov 8, 2012   *New Muon catalysed fusion and decaying can cause a seemingly endless fountain of spontaneous creation of particles.

    Nov 9, 2012   +Adding Antiquarks

    Nov 9, 2012   +Adding Charm quarks

    Nov 9, 2012   +Adding Strange quarks

    Nov 9, 2012   +Adding Mesons

    Nov 9, 2012   *More particle decay

    Nov 12, 2012  *Fixed Fission

    Nov 13, 2012  *Got around to updating the log

    Nov 13, 2012  *Major bugs have been fixed

    Nov 13, 2012  +New Hadron menu

    Nov 13, 2012  +Adding new icons (@Jombo23)

    Nov 13, 2012  *Fixing some elements

    Nov 15, 2012  !Pre-release Version 2.1.3

    Nov 15, 2012  *Will fix three more tiny bugs until 2.1.4 (Final Release)

    Nov 15, 2012  !Bugs to fix:Tau catalysed fission, nuclear elements' weight, subatomics' reflection

    Nov 19, 2012  *Jacksonmj found the problem and fixed it, version 2.1.4 will be released soon

    Nov 20, 2012  *Taus now catalyse fission

    Nov 20, 2012  *STAR/SUN can now die

    Nov 20, 2012  *CYST and NUKE now in explosives menu

    Nov 20, 2012  *CYST made from SDST and PLUT

    Nov 20, 2012  *Nuke made from TRTM and PSTN reactions.

    Nov 20, 2012  *Fixed SDST texture

    Nov 21, 2012  !Ready or not, final 2.1.5 release.


    !Notice! Version 2.0.3 will be moved up to version 2.1.0

    !Welcome back to my old friend @AngrySpam


    Mod staff:



    And credits to @jacob1 for development assistance.

    Thanks to @jacksonmj for fixing a crash issue



    Message me if you want to join the mod staff

    !Notice! this has been moved to 

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    Yes Yes YEs YES!!! 


    (on topic) I have been waiting congrats is it legacy capable?

  • firefreak11
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    @lorddeath (View Post)

     Possibly, if im not too busy with the official i might look into it and thanks!

  • Poorsoft
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    Yus!! You're back, woot! Sorry about your PC also..

  • AngrySpam
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    @firefreak11 (View Post)
    Im still helping you with this one, right?

    I have some decent elements made up already. :D
  • The-Fall
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    OY! I have waited a long time for this!


    EDIT: Is this not in github? As I really wanted to follow progress. 

  • AngrySpam
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    @The-Fall (View Post)
    It might be in github, but we are probably just going to work on the code and as we make progress, upload it to minus.
    But since I'm not the owner of this mod, I'm simply helping with it, I don't know. :P
  • firefreak11
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    @AngrySpam yes u can rejoin if you want to so is plamoid (now blorph)

    EDIT: and  i will upload to mediafire again

  • lorddeath
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    Hey firefreak11 theres a mod me and angryspam are workin on and we wondered would you want to help us?



    Current elements made: Tritium Napalm a secret one dont mention it. cracker menu is on.


    Elements to be made: Darkmatter, Quarks. muons And other sub-atomic particles.Protons!(happy?)

    Can i join the mod staff? me and angryspam TeamView mod and work together?

  • The-Fall
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    You are required to post your source even if unfinished.