The Realistic Science Mod Revamped!

  • firefreak11
    8th May 2013 Member 14 Permalink

    One of the few mods to include moving solids and coffee

    Good day people on the internet,

    It is time for my next mod. The C++ science mod.

    This mod will consist of a variety of things, including quantum and astro physics, organic and conventional

    chemistry, and some interesting biological reactions. This mod will move on to become Powder Sim II after version 4.1 is released.

    Thank you, and enjoy your day,



    firefreak11's Mod





    Current Version:

    RSMR 4.0.3 (Windows)

    RSMR 4.0.3 Source


    Older Versions

    RSMR 4.0.2 (Windows)

    RSMR 4.0.2 Source


    RSMR 4.0.1 (Windows)

    RSMR 4.0.1 Source


    Jungle of Coffee Trees:

  • Michael238
    9th May 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    I think there might still be some errors, because it just crashed on me. Also, since they found the Higgs Boson back last year, are there plans for it to be added?

  • firefreak11
    9th May 2013 Member 0 Permalink

    Ok. I still don't know what is wrong with it. Could any moderators or developers look at the source for errors? Also, the Higgs might be added, if I had something for it to do....

  • The-Fall
    9th May 2013 Member 4 Permalink

    Does not even launch for me.


  • Uberness
    9th May 2013 Member 1 Permalink

    Runs fine for me.

  • firefreak11
    9th May 2013 Member 1 Permalink

    We need to find out why it does not run for everyone. I came up with an idea for those who it crashed on. I upload the pre-set package with the source of the released version, with the IDE and everything, and they just extract it and compile it themselves. I might even make a script for it. If it works I could get feedback as to why it wasn't working before.

  • Spock
    9th May 2013 Member 1 Permalink
    I'd love to play it, as your mods have been great, (and all worked for em) but Norton has removed it as it is "dangerous" I don't believe it is, but there is no way around it,.

    EDIT: Download 17 worked. JKust one possible glitch, (other then nuke making gluons (might be intended)) THat is 1184106 incase you need to look ingame. JUst unpause to see. Not even sure what made it happen. CNTL-Z and then re-adding it made it happen again.
  • firefreak11
    9th May 2013 Member 1 Permalink

    You have something reacting with fume to cause a huge explosion. Large scale explosions have a chance to produce white holes, which are those huge, laggy explosions that created to gluons.

  • Spock
    9th May 2013 Member 1 Permalink
    But its just those gasses, and if I add them in a empty page, no reaction happens.
  • firefreak11
    9th May 2013 Member 2 Permalink

    FUME reacts with smoke, fire, and plasma. I believe you have smoke there. Large scale reactions have a chance of creating a white hole, which are those huge laggy explosions with the gluons and whatnot.

    EDIT: I let this simulation run for a longer time, and I noticed that it creates a huge white hole, larger than any I have ever seen. Maybe it is a glitch with my source because I ran it in the unpublished version and I am currently changing stuff so maybe that is why it kep expanding...