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    Rules for Everything

    Moderators may interpret these rules differently depending on each situation and common sense. Even if something is not directly listed in these rules, that does not mean you can get away with it.

    Forum Posting Rules
    Save Uploading Rules
    Save Reporting Rules
    Modding Rules
    #powder IRC channel rules

    Read ALL of the rules about the activity you want to do before doing anything else! You are responsible for your account and ignorance is not an excuse.


    Report Bugs on Github
    Official Feedback Thread

    Both areas are fine for bug posting and feedback.
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    Some changes (none of which affect actual rules):
    Added link to the IRC rules to this thread, and fixed the outdated github link
    Changed most instances of "guidelines" to "rules" (except in thread titles which can't be changed)
    Reword save reporting rules thread somewhat
    Fixed spacing in save uploading guidelines + minor wording changes to paragraph before rule #1
    Added some examples to "common sense" IRC rule #1

    Also hey, maybe now would be a good time to actually read the rules! But who reads those ...
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