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    Save Reporting Rules

    The moderators can browse the saves index like everyone else, but it takes time to find things that people would report, so sending reports for stolen or otherwise rule-breaking saves is helpful, otherwise the rule-breaking save may not be found. These guidelines spell out what helps us out the most which you should include, and makes going through reports a pain.

    What you can report for
    Report a save for breaking any of the save uploading rules, it is not just for inappropriate saves and stolen saves. You may also report a save for the comments or tags on it, even if it's your own. This is the easiest way to notify a moderator of something they may need to delete. We can also see who creates tags, so if there is a large amount of tag spam, reporting may be better than deleting the tags yourself, losing the data of who made them.

    Some notes about what NOT to do when reporting saves:
    1. Do not misuse reports. It wastes moderator's time, and may lead to saves wrongfully deleted. If you misuse the system we have the right to ban without warning. Do not spam in them either.

    2. The more information, the better. We can do research to try and figure out what you're talking about, but if you just say "it's stolen" and the save reported isn't well known, the report will probably be ignored. Include the ID of the ORIGINAL save in reports, the author of the original and ID of the save being reported are not needed. If you do not know the original ID, you can try including the author's name, but if you have trouble finding it, chances are the moderator reading it also will, and will ignore it.

    3. Do not ask for saves to be removed from the front page. It might not be good, or maybe you don't think it belongs there, but you don't need to report every bad save, or every art save, that ever gets onto the front page. They will be removed eventually if they don't deserve to be there, but a report will not get anything removed. If you don't like it, try voting it off instead.
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