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    These rules are guidelines for interacting in game. Things are lax here, and some rules are enforced more noticeably than others; but you should take care to read these every once in a while, or you might find your saves suddenly removed from the front page or unpublished.

    The mods are allowed to publish and unpublish saves, promote or demote front page saves, warn and ban members here, and even see the IP addresses of members here as they see fit. These rules are superior to that or in-game information (AKA the message of the day, etc). Moderators however, do make the final calls on the interpretation of these rules and etc.

    Save Uploading Rules

    These are the rules you should follow to avoid having saves deleted or hidden from public view. If you fail to follow them, don't be surprised if your saves get lousy votes, unpublished, removed from the front page should they make it there (or simply deleted all together). They are listed in no particular order.

    1. No image plotting. If you have to use a program to draw out pixels from an image outside of Powder Toy without drawing it by hand, then don't be surprised when the save gets deleted and you get banned. Jojobond has his on the topmost votes because he was the first to figure out how, but the grandfather rule no longer applies.

    2. No self-voting. This equates making more than one account, and then using those accounts to vote for your own saves, or even someone else. It's very obvious when it happens, we can see this easily. People get banned for doing this. Don't do it. It's still possible to make an account for multiple people to use and post saves on, provided no votes are made with the group account, and no posts are made on the forums with it.
    ***As an extra precaution, we must warn you and your family members to NOT VOTE ON THE SAME SAVES. We cannot independently verify family members' votes***

    3. No hate saves please. So no shooting Jews, killing Bieber, etc.

    4. No penis drawings. Or any other explicit or non-explicit sex please. We like to think this is a game that people can play with their family around. Don't post anything too inappropriate.

    5. Don't ask for votes. If your stuff is awesome, you shouldn't have to beg for popularity to get votes. People tend to downvote when they see a lot of this anyway, it is not effective. Do not have anything relating to or mentioning votes inside the actual save
    • This includes saves that have the characteristic green arrow asking for votes, or a large number of signs mentioning votes in the save. If you want to thank people for the votes they have given, that can be a small note in the description or comments, but don't make it excessive either. Testing this rule to see how much you can do is a bad idea, because every moderator enforces it just slightly differently.
    • Gimmicks for getting votes like "100 votes and I'll make a better version" are similarly frowned upon. Vote farming will not be tolerated at all. Asking for votes in return for anything like save improvements or copying part of the save counts as vote farming. View farming or any other type of farming that may arise later is also still against the rules.

    6. Keep the number of logos and signs to a minimum. They not only slow the game down, but can also make saves unappealing for people to use. Saves that contain excessive numbers of Logos will be removed from the front page or even unpublished.
    • You can link to as many directly related saves as you want, but if you link to more then 3 unrelated saves, this is just too much advertising, and it will probably be removed from the front page.
    • Please do not make fake update or similar fake notification signs either.

    7. Please don't swear excessively. Saves containing excessive swearing or rude language will be unpublished. Don't make rude or offensive comments either.

    8. Don't make text-only saves. Saves are much better when they actually use some of the features in the game. Text-only saves will be removed from the front page should they ever get there.
    • Also, any element suggestion save will be removed from the front page. It's recommended that you make a thread on the forum, so it's more official and you can get actual criticism from developers and other users. You can make the save and link to it on the thread if you want.
    • This also relates to art on the front page. Art saves that only rely on the deco layer are generally removed. Art using elements may stay longer if it's more impressive.

    9. Don't claim others' work as your own. If you didn't make it, don't resave it for yourself, this is taking credit for something you didn't make, and can take votes away from the original author. You can favorite a save instead of publishing a copy if you want to see it later.
    • This doesn't mean you can't modify or improve saves though; building on the works of others is encouraged. If you give credit to the original author, it is usually OK to resave unless the author specifically prohibits it.

    10. Don't make laggy saves If a save is so laggy that it crashes the game for some people, it's just really annoying. Saves that do make it to the front page that purposely lag the game will be demoted.
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    Added family voting caution statement due to recent events.

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