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    Jacob1, im using Windows 7 Maximum, for some optimization and for decreasing chance to get BSOD.

    Unfortunately, i changed my motherboard and i can't launch my games either. T ^ T

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    Bomb will not destroy PBCN in your mod.The bomb not destroying PBCN in Jacob1's Mod

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    Remember that switch issue?Is it fixed now?

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    Jacob1, i have a suggestion.


    Add a new metal element called Aluminium.

    Aluminium can conduct electricity like other metals,

    can break at extreme pressure settings,

    that corrosion-resistant like gold,

    can be melted at temperature 660

    and can rapidly conduct heat.


    Aluminium has titan-like grey color and its very good and popular  metal used in many devices.


    What's the point of rapidly conducting heat if it melts at 660 degrees?

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    @4e616d65 (View Post)
    Ok, I'll remember to fix it before the next release (haven't done much tpt development recently). I thought I fixed all the issues like this ... I think I may have changed it intentionally many years ago. These days I do think PBCN should be able to be destroyed by BOMB though.

    @cracker1000 (View Post)
    nope, it's hard to fix issues like that without removing the "instantly powered electronics" feature. If you get an issue like you had, it's probably an issue with your save depending on particle order, and my mod handles SWCH slightly differently.

    @TuDoR2007 (View Post)
    Yeah lol, that's why I made HEAC never melt, except via LIGH.
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    omg i windows protected with my windows 10 it is unstoppable wont works, but happpening this too much i CAN'T open on jacob's mod files.

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    @EasyYT (View Post)

     Try adding Jacob1's mod as an exception in your antivirus. It's a false positive.


    EDIT: Is your Windows 32-bit or 64-bit? 32-bit Windows won't run 64-bit programs, but 64-bit Windows will run 32-bit programs (most of them).

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