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NEUT.png Neutrons
Section Radioactive
Spawn temperature 26°C
Heat Conductivity 24%
Relative weight -1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Energy particle
Misc properties
Source code

A particle unaffected by gravity which travels in all directions. It has odd interactions with other elements, as well as being fissile with Plutonium (PLUT ) and Deuterium Oxide (DEUT ).

Neutrons can also harm stickman/fighters.

NEUT is affected by Newtonian Gravity. It slightly slows down when passing through SNOW.png and ICE.png.

NEUT changes certain elements into other elements i.e.:

  • Turns PLUT.png into STNE.png, URAN.png, NEUT.png, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns DEUT.png into NEUT.png, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns GUN.png into DUST.png.
  • Turns PLNT.png into WOOD.png.
  • Turns DUST.png into FWRK.png.
  • Turns NITR.png into DESL.png (which is also affected by neutrons in turn).
  • Turns C-4.png into GOO.png.
  • Turns WATR.png into DSTW.png.
  • Turns ACID.png into ISOZ.png.
  • Turns DESL.png and OIL.png into GAS.png.
  • Turns YEST.png into DYST.png. (also does the inverse, but this is rarely observed)
  • Turns COAL.png into WOOD.png.
  • Turns ELEC.png and itself into HYGN.png.
  • Turns RFRG.png into CAUS.png and GAS.png.

Will also set off FWRK.png immediately.

When passing through GOLD.png, a small percentage of the neutrons passing through will disappear. TTAN.png absorbs roughly 5% of all the neutrons reflecting from it.

Language: [[::Element:NEUT|English]]