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NEUT.png Neutrons
Section Radioactive
Spawn temperature 26°C
Heat Conductivity 24%
Relative weight -1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Energy particle
Misc properties
Source code

A particle unaffected by gravity which travels in all directions. It has odd interactions with other elements, as well as being fissile with Plutonium ( PLUT.png ) and Deuterium Oxide ( DEUT.png ).

Neutrons can also harm stickman/fighters.

NEUT is affected by Newtonian Gravity. It slightly slows down when passing through SNOW.png and ICE.png.

NEUT is created when PHOT.png or PROT.png passes through INVS.png. Alternatively, it can be created by the brush, the PROP tool, CRAY.png, DRAY.png, and CLNE.png variants.

NEUT changes certain elements into other elements i.e.:

  • Turns PLUT.png into STNE.png, URAN.png, NEUT.png, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns DEUT.png into NEUT.png, heat, and pressure.
  • Turns GUN.png into DUST.png.
  • Turns PLNT.png into WOOD.png.
  • Turns DUST.png into FWRK.png.
  • Turns NITR.png into DESL.png (which is also affected by neutrons in turn).
  • Turns C-4.png into GOO.png.
  • Turns WATR.png into DSTW.png.
  • Turns ACID.png into ISOZ.png.
  • Turns DESL.png and OIL.png into GAS.png.
  • Turns YEST.png into DYST.png. (also does the inverse, but this is rarely observed)
  • Turns COAL.png into WOOD.png.
  • Turns BCOL.png into SAWD.png.
  • Turns ELEC.png and itself into HYGN.png.
  • Turns RFRG.png into CAUS.png and GAS.png.

Will also set off FWRK.png immediately.

When passing through GOLD.png, a small percentage of the neutrons passing through will disappear. TTAN.png absorbs roughly 5% of all the neutrons reflecting from it.

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