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If you've made something interesting in Powder Toy, you can share it on this website. You can view other people's creations without logging in, but you need to register and log in to upload, tag, comment, or vote on saves.

If you don't want to share your saves online, or if you want to make backups of your online saves, you can save them locally.

Local saves

You can create and open saves stored locally on your computer by holding down Ctrl, and clicking the open or save buttons in the bottom left of the window (these are highlighted in white while pressing Ctrl).

Local saves will appear in a folder called "Saves" in the TPT data folder, and have the extension .cps. On Windows and Linux, press Ctrl+I in Powder Toy to install it, so that double clicking a .cps file will open it in Powder Toy.

Online saves

You can create and open saves online by clicking on the open or save buttons while logged in. Viewing saves online is also possible without an account.

The Save Browser

Clicking on the open button shows the save browser interface. The first page you see is called the front page, or FP. This contains recently popular saves, based on when they were first published and how many votes they have. The pages after that are in order of most votes of all time. To see recently updated saves, click the "By votes" button in the top right corner to change it to "By date". Saves can be selected by clicking the upper right corner of their thumbnail. When you select a save, an action menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with actions to perform on the save. Clicking on the thumbnail allows you to preview the save and then open it.

My Own Saves

When logged in, clicking on the open button and clicking "My Own" in the upper right corner allows you to see your own saves. The number in green in the bottom right corner is the score of that save (votes up minus votes down). If the save is unpublished, a padlock is visible in the top left corner of the thumbnail.


When opening a save, you can favorite it so that you can find it again easily (the "Fav" button). This can also be done from the action menu on selected saves.

To see your favorites, click the gold star to the right of the search box. Remove saves from your favorites by clicking the minus sign in a red circle in the top right corner of a thumbnail.

Special Searches

Entering user:username or id:123456 allows you to find saves from a specific user or find the save with a certain ID. Just replace "username" or "123456" in the above examples with the desired username or ID.

Save ID

Each save gets a unique number, called a save ID. This is displayed when you open or save it.

You can post saves in the forum by typing a tilde then the save ID. Example: ~2158

Public and Private Saves

One can save simulations to their account in two privacy levels: (public and visible to everyone) and unpublished (visible to only you and those with the save ID).

Moderators may edit a save's privacy level to hide it from the masses, and can also disable it so it cannot be published at all. Saves are all automatically unpublished when a user is permanently banned.

Published saves will appear on the "By Date" feed and can be seen and voted on by all users. These saves also contribute to your Average Score, which is displayed publicly on your profile page on the website.

Unpublished saves will not be shown on the "By Date" feed. These will not contribute to your Average Score. Even if they get voted upon generously, they will not be shown on the front page. If the ID of a private save is shared, the save can still be viewed and rated upon. This is useful for sharing saves to a limited group of people or just not having the general masses see the save when posting it somewhere such as IRC.


You can help other people find good saves by voting on them. You can only vote from inside the game. If you like the save, click the green arrow about 1/3 of the way along the bottom of the window to vote up, or the red arrow to vote down if you dislike the save. You can only vote once on each save. Using multiple accounts to vote more than once on any save is against the rules, and will lead to those accounts being banned. Asking for votes is highly discouraged and can result in a ban.


You can give other users feedback on their saves and respond to feedback on your saves by leaving comments on them. You can do this in the game when opening a save, or on the website.


Tags are used to categorise saves and make finding saves by searching easier. Anyone can add tags to a save when logged in by clicking the textbox halfway along the bottom of the window. The author of the save can also delete tags, by clicking the textbox then using the minus sign next to each tag. If you find an offensive tag on a save, report it to a moderator (don't remove it until they have had time to deal with the person who put it there).

Rules and reporting

There are certain rules you must follow when uploading saves to this website. These can be found here.

If you find a save which is against the rules, there is a "Report" button in game when opening a save (you must be logged in to use it). Click the button, write a message describing how it violates the rules, and click "Report". All reports are reviewed by moderators, who will decide to either unpublish or delete the save, or ban the creator temporarily or permanently. When reporting a save for stealing or copying work without credit, include the original save ID in the report (or the original save title and the name of the user who created it). Moderators do not have time to look through all saves to find the original. Rules regarding reports are here.