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    First, and foremost; No. The new Lua console does not suck, you just don't know how to use it.

    The new console primarily supports the Lua Programming Language ( ), not the simple one-lined command input. Lua was implemented for the ease of creating scripts, without creating a full modification to the game.

    Yes, I understand that this is a large jump from simple commands to an interpretted language, but never fear, THE OLD COMMANDS CAN BE ACCESSED BY PLACING '!' (without quotes) BEFORE THE COMMAND. But, if you want to stay up-to-date with latest commands and features, I recommend you teach yourself the Lua language ( and ).

    You may find the Lua API on our Wiki here:

    Cheers, and happy coding.
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    Please, you just have to pin this post. I'm fed up with all these complaints...

    EDIT: Pinned! Hooray!
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    BHOL and VACU suck.
    But seriously, if I learned basic Lua by looking at random bits of code, you people can learn it through reading an actual manual. >_>
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    @Neospector (View Post)
    i read a short manual (15 pages) then i started writing
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    @CAC-Boomerang (View Post)

    @The Topic!127479
    All you have to do is add !.
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    @ief015 (View Post)

    Similarily, avoid using all caps or unusual characters, they're painful to read. If we can't figure what's in your thread from the title alone, don't be surprised if it gets locked.

    Bad mod
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    @jalfor (View Post)

    It grabbed your attention, did it not? This was for the sake of making these "Lua sucks, how does one use old commands" posts and threads stop.
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    UTT and you broke a few rules also