2011-02-20 22:32:26
Queensland, Australia
Joined 21st February, 2011
However, I also have an old account that was made somewhere around October 2010.

Hi there! I'm an old user who used to use these forums a lot more and really enjoyed the community. For some reason it got old for me and I left. I often try to get into this again, but I never really got the hang of succeeding at TPT (although I tried mind you!)

I have had many good times here and I don't think I will ever forget how it all started for me when I first discovered TPT the moment a fellow classmate showed version 30-something to me in my old school's computer room all the way back in Year 7. Later I made an account and forgot the password. I made another account, and it all began from there.

From hilariously raging forum dramas (Too many names to remember), to discussions of science, maths and philosophy, to forum games... ack... cough*pacbrad*cough... to truly inspiring machines built in TPT, to really, the great community this has been as a whole.

I doubt I will ever get back into TPT like I used to, but for certain, this has been a great adventure with all of you.

[Simon I will never forgive you for ruining my beautiful HTML tables with that editor though]