How to download version 97.0?

  • BlivetWidget
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    Right on.  Not intending to be a bother, I just saw that the poorly-performing msvc versions continued to be the versions on offer at the main download page for two more releases and thought something was up.


    It seems to me the short-term fix is to simply offer up the mingw version for public-facing download since it already exists and works flawless so far as I can tell, with the optional long-term fix of figuring out what's going on with the msvc version.  But I'm not running the show here, so do your thing and I'll just keep using the mingw version in the meantime =)


    Best of luck!

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    There are concerns that the mingw version might not run on all computers. It's not fully static, and does require one dll that's part of the msvc redistributable. It's extremely common to install this, but it's not guaranteed to be a part of every Windows install.

    If we were to release an update that switches to mingw without guaranteeing it runs for everyone, a lot of people will break their TPT installs just by updating.
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    An interesting insight, thanks.  I'm not surprised to read there are mitigating concerns, and I don't envy whoever is trying to figure out why the msvc version runs so slow now.  Gonna be one o' them weird bugs.