Avatar Won't Change

  • Beamngdriver
    12th February Member 1 Permalink

    I try to change my avatar multiple times to see what I want to use, and then it got stuck. 

    What I did was I went to Edit Avatar, I pressed remove, then tried to upload a new one but it just showed a default avatar I have been using ever since I registred. That was the old one. So for some reason i try to make a new one but it just showed the old one. I tried to retry multiple times, I presssed up load and save chanegs and stuff but nothing works.


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  • 008cff
    12th February Member 0 Permalink

    it changes after like a day or something u just need to wait till it changes, check ur avatar next day

  • jacob1
    12th February Developer 1 Permalink
    It's a little weird, but looks like it took effect now. You have to restart the game and also shift+refresh in your browser in order to get the change to show up.