Subframe Chipmaker Lua Port

  • Maticzpl
    30th January Member 5 Permalink

    Hello! I made a new script for working with subframe stuff and stacks. Heavily inspired by mark2222's mod.


    Particle Reordering (Shift + F5)

    Stack Tool (Shift + S)

    Stack Tool

    Stack HUD (Page Up / Page Down to navigate | Home / End to go to the beginning or end of a stack)
    Change how FILT spectrum is displayed (Ctrl + U)

    Stack Edit (Shift + D Enable stack mode | Left / Right arrows to navigate properties | Enter to set property value | Click to set ctype | Click in replace mode to replace type)

    Config Tool (C to enable | Click to do stuff)

    Move Tool (M to enable) Basically cut and paste but supports stacks

    Stack Overlay. See particle CTYPE in the zoom window. For CONV it also displays its TMP. Best used with bigger window size. (Toggle with CTRL + O)

    Settings (Shift + F1) not much there yet


    Since this is a lua script, i recommend using the Script Manager.


    If you need help comment or message me (Maticzpl#4819) on discord

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  • vinbash
    20th March Member 0 Permalink

    I Have The Script Manager, what is the link of that script?

  • Maticzpl
    20th March Member 0 Permalink

    @vinbash (View Post)

     Scroll to the bottom in "online"

  • CBodenMain
    19th June Member 0 Permalink

    First I wanna point out that I <3 this script and can not thank you enough for making it... I also wanted to ask if there was a way to change the FILT ctype encoding from Hex -> Decimal (w/ 30th bit) -> Decimal (w/o 30th bit) like you can via 'ctrl+j' hotkey with 'SF Mod'... If that isn't something you can currently do with the script that would be a welcome future addition... Honestly other than that little nitpick of mine I actually prefer using the script especially when dealing with alot stack properties due to the vibrant colors of the parts in the stack tool...

    Anyway... I digress... Thanks again for all your hard work  :D

  • Maticzpl
    23rd June Member 0 Permalink

    @CBodenMain (View Post)

     Thanks! I can add that in the next update.

     EDIT: The update is out now!

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