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  • jacob1
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    Never have problems running scripts again! With this central script server and in game manager you can easily download and run working scripts with just a few clicks. All scripts are working and safe, and can be approved / edited by a moderator. Also, script authors can easily publish updates to their scripts through the script manager. There are currently over 120 scripts, with more being added constantly.

    To Install, open the console (~ key) and enter tpt.getscript(1, "autorun.lua", 1)
    View Script (save as autorun.lua)
    Direct autorun.lua download

    Latest version: 3.12, released May 31st, 2022 (changelog)

    How it works:
    Users paste their script into submit page. It has fields for title, author, and description (all shown in an in game tooltip).
    Moderators (me and cracker64) will look over the script and make sure it works and is safe, then approve it.
    Once a script goes live it can be viewed and downloaded in the "Online" tab of the script manager.
    Clicking the "Online" tab will automatically check for updates for all scripts and the manager itself.

    In addition, you can put your own scripts in the "scripts" directory. These are handled locally, and can be run or deleted all from inside TPT. You can use the "Change Dir" button to change where scripts are downloaded and run from.

    You can view the list of scripts from the website here:


    This is actually just an update to cracker64's script manager. All the new client side stuff is done by me, and all the server stuff is done by cracker64. Report any problems or bugs here. Also, start pasting in scripts!
    Source also on Github.
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  • CeeJayBee
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    This looks veeery nice, well done :D Definitely helps a lot of lua modders.
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  • jacob1
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    Yay someone posted. Just had to make it a global sticky because nobody ever goes into the lua subforum :(. I think there are 7 scripts on there right now, i'll try and get more people to upload scripts :P.

    And to help lua modders even more I might try making an in game element designer. I've always wanted to ...
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  • cracker64
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    More on the server side of things, this is what the browser page looks like (page thanks to boxmein).
    You can submit new scripts, submit updates to existing scripts, and preview other scripts from here.
    Hopefully this will make it easier for people to try out scripting and see what it can do.
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  • FeynmanLogomaker
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    The break points one looks so uuussefffuuullll

  • vG_x_1uk3
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    Jacob1 will you please unban me from chat?

  • FeynmanLogomaker
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    The new theme looks super pretty by the way

  • jacob1
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    @FeynmanLogomaker (View Post)
    I think boxmein is working on an even nicer one too :). But for now it's functional.

    Also there's 18 scripts now! Maybe i'll work on an update to the client, I already fixed some annoying bugs (ESC, changelogs, Identifier already in use errors) but I also noticed it's not putting the scripts in alphabetical order like it used to. Also the downloaded ones were supposed to go in order of id but maybe i'll make that alphabetical too.
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  • QuentinADay
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    This is really great! It would be cool if there was a button to Restart TPT after you delete a downloaded script

  • jacob1
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    @QuentinADay (View Post)
    I might just add a "restart" button. I didn't want to make restarts necessary too often, it would get annoying if it restarted every time you deleted a running script. But the main reason it does that is that when the script is deleted it forgets it was ever running ...