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  • Ilovegam3z
    3rd March Member 0 Permalink

    erm tpt is down?

  • LBPHacker
    3rd March Developer 2 Permalink
    If tpt was down, you couldn't have posted that message.
  • Ilovegam3z
    4th March Member 0 Permalink

    Well it was for a bit i got this "Bad Gateway" or something like that error code.

  • jacob1
    4th March Developer 0 Permalink
    I've seen a few instances of the site being unavailable for 1-2 minutes recently. But otherwise the site is generally online. The only time it's been offline for more than 2 minutes this year is when I was doing some maintenance.

    We do have monitoring of uptime, so we'll know if the site goes down. Feel free to ping me on discord if it's ever down and you want to know why.
  • Teneiger10
    8th March Member 0 Permalink


    last time at 8th march MYT +8, I got at least 2 Bad Gateway errors.

  • jacob1
    8th March Developer 0 Permalink
    @Teneiger10 (View Post)
    The site occasionally has been going down due to temporary high load, but these instances don't last more than 1-2 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience. I guess you were just online at the wrong time to see this happen.
  • Ilovegam3z
    12th April Member 0 Permalink

    please remember about my weird thing with internet cause i like havent been able to fix it for ever.

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  • jacob1
    12th April Developer 0 Permalink
    @Ilovegam3z (View Post)
    This must be about the Android bug you just told me about. Same response though, logins work fine on the Android port, as long as your internet is working.

    If you are on Android versions less than 7.1, you will not be able to use online features such as login. There's nothing I can do about this at this time.
  • Ilovegam3z
    12th April Member 0 Permalink

    i always use the PC TPT nowadays but its annoying and also, i had the newest android version when it happened.