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  • the_sparro
    15th January Member 0 Permalink

    i cant find the place where i poast my element ideas. I'm sorry but please help me

  • jacob1
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    @the_sparro (View Post)
    Suggestions go into the Feedback subforum

    Edit: Clarified first post slightly to reflect this
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  • Neosquid
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    :thinking: :squid:

  • Teneiger10
    26th January Member 0 Permalink

    When I use The Signs, Zoom it in the Opposite Area (Where the signs are blocked/unable to see normally), then use a sign, I could see the signs while Zooming. Is it a Bug/Glitch?

  • jacob1
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    @Teneiger10 (View Post)
    Yes, this is a known bug, sign editing doesn't account for zoom window right now, it will just draw signs right on top of it. This will hopefully be fixed in the next version.
  • Blazeblaze
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    This post has been removed by LBPHacker: you already have a thread about this
  • Bolik
    29th January Member 0 Permalink

    Deco colors become slightly brighter after picking it with MMB. Annoying. Also after color picking, the CTRL+Shift color fill doesn't work. Annoying.

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  • KnZahid300
    15th February Member 0 Permalink

    I want to see the next update,TPT wasn't updated for 2 or 3 months :(

  • Ilovegam3z
    26th February Member 0 Permalink

    There is a bug where you cant use STAMP on certain saves. EDIT - Also i cant play TPT on my tablet anymore which i used to before i got a PC. Ever since a power outage happened i cant log into the acc that i use TO THIS DAY. Please fix this bug it is extremely annoying.

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  • Tunge
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    This post has been removed by jacob1: not a suggestion thread