2nd Generation Goo animations

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    How does it work?
    I place a bunch of animation frames in one place, together they create a stack of frame
    When life of one frame depletes another frame is exposed

    The Tool
    I scripted a tool to help with making those animations
    https://starcatcher.us/scripts/main.lua?get=205 (will be out when approved by mods)
    It puts the goo in a stack for you and at the end reverses its order (so the animation plays forwards)
    It also reduces particle count at the end.


    How to use the tool?
    1. Download the script and enable it in the LUA script manager  (https://powdertoy.co.uk/Discussions/Thread/View.html?Thread=19400)
    2. Create a new empty save
    3. Press T to begin animating
    4. Specify the resolution and frame interval of your animation
    5. Draw the first frame with deco
    6. Press the , key to start drawing the next frame (use . to copy the current frame)
    7. After you draw all the frames you want, press T again to finish the animation
    8. Save the end result as a stamp and unpause the game to play it


    Some of its limitations are the particle limit and the maximum size of a save in tpt.
    You also cannot paste existing deco into a frame because that disrupts the stack
    You can't edit frames that you already drew

    Is it CGI?
    The tool just helps with stacking the frames but you draw the frames by hand with deco.
    So it's not.
    I also asked a TPT moderator

    If you have any problems or questions ask here

    Save showcasing this:

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    This is the thing I waited for months. +1. 

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    OMG this is AWESOME!!!

    I can't wait for it to come out!.

    Also, could you add a direct download link? I did that to my mod thread, Powder Power.

    I will + you.

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    @TPTSortaGuy (View Post)

    Ok here is a temporary pastebin cause its not on the script server yet 


    It's on the script server now

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    That's cool but the last thing that don't work is that when I press , it skips a frame, so I have a frame of my animation, a frame with no deco and then a frame back with deco

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    @Endersteve_gamer (View Post)

     not sure if i understand you
    But you should press , or . after you completed the current frame and want to draw the next one

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     When I press , it says Frame 2 and Frame 3 at the same time. It acts like I press , two times, but I press it only one time. The frame 2 is skipped. And that's the same thing every time I press ,

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     First of all make sure in the script manager that you arent running the same script twice. If you have 2 copies of it disable one. If that doesnt help then try typing in the console GooAnim.nextFrame() and see if it still happens

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     Ok I found out that the script was installed twice, thx for help, it works fine now