How do i actually write the code

  • Bunborg
    22nd February Member 0 Permalink

    I have the correct equipment and i can make the scripts, just how do i actually write the code? How do i create new elements? What is the name of the function to create an element? and so on

  • TuDoR2007
    23rd February Member 0 Permalink

    well what mods are you looking to make? there's 2 types
    C++ mods, which modify the source code itself, and then get recompiled into a new .exe (alchemy toy or cracker1000's mod for example). as the name suggests majority of the modding done for these is in C++
    Lua mods (or scripts really) which are either one autorun.lua file placed in the main folder OR if you want to use other scripts and have it a bit more convenient to debug you can use the script manager and put it in the scripts folder of your game
    if you don't have it, get the script manager lua script from here