2019-04-24 18:31:02
i ain't tellin yall my location
i make saves like anyone else around this place

a less well known fact is that i invented the ACCH-RBCS classification system for classifying anime girls, which to be honest says a lot about me

(god damnit why is there nothing interesting to say about me except i am reddit incarnate and also i make saves like anyone else around this place)

hidden message

what why are you here its literally blank space

this is the hidden message

placeholder for ascii anime neko girl

end of biography

no really

nothing is here
the spaces between lines are disappearing even


soon i will add the ascii anime neko girl but only when i finish drawing it and master the art of drawing with unicode characters
___ _ _ |
| / \ \/ / |____
| / \ / |____
|_\ |_|

see, i can't even write in unicode
if it is anime neko girl you want, go to id:2592852 (its not mine but its good)

there is no god in a world where people are allowed to waste whole minutes of their life scrolling through a random person's biography section

you did it, and what did you get

i hope you're happy

those last few sentences remind me of stanley parable

placeholder for link to rick astley never gonna give you up on youtube

(i will never actually end up adding any of these placeholder things, they are destined to never be filled in with any form of information. i advise you to just leave and be depressed about wasting your life reading this random guy's biography thing)
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