2019-04-24 18:31:02
england (a very depressing place)
hello there

MESSAGE OF THE DAY: we are now basically living in the end of the world

my 3 favourite countries are finland (s o c i a l i s m), japan (the food is good and also the other thing), belgium (home of FN and chocolate), South Korea (high levels of technology and healthcare) and New Zealand (like australia without the racism) in that order. formatted better it would look like this:

1) Finland
2) Japan
3) Belgium
4) South Korea
5) New Zealand

general random things i like: money, not being dead, food, [REDACTED], SCP Foundation, the other thing from before, games where you build stuff, and soundtracks from computer games particularly half-life, payday 2 and doom eternal

general random things i dislike: right wing politics, not enough food, being dead, the Chaos Insurgency, mass murder, having my identity stolen (fortunately the 3rd and 6th have never happened)

best computer games: payday 2, half life series including remakes*, portal series, scp cb (and remakes like sl, fragmented minds, recontainment etc), roblox (only my SCP site game or phantom forces) minecraft (version 1.7.10 with 46 mods installed), doom series (and freedoom the rip off open source version)

*opposing force and blue shift (DLCs), Black Mesa (independent licenced remake by Crowbar Collective), Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty (Remakes of the DLCs made as mods for Half Life 2, by Tripmine Studios) and also separately the mod Echoes which was played by my favourite youtuber.

i also make scripts but don't have a way to transfer them to other people

best food: c h i c k e n

worst food: doesn't exist, it's a conspiracy theory

i also don't like conspiracy theories

or religion

phantom forces KDR: 0.51

best music: Payday 2 OST - Time Window

best thing in general: [REDACTED] (no its not illegal

best youtube guy: can't say their name, it has offensive materials in it, but they played Echoes and are from Australia so if you know them you'll know who i mean

people who have annoyed me: chanman (the dark lord of powder hell) WHOamI (long story explained at bottom of bio), ArseniyPlotnikov2k6 (or was it 2k8), Emperor_of_Catkind (how do i spell emporor) and (to a lesser extent) SlavBoi

best element: EXOT, because of its strange properties. i always feel like i haven't discovered everything it does yet

also some day i want to make computer games, i already made some really cursed things in C++ such as "the Doomslayer destroys Comic Con" and "pogchamp versus [REDACTED] (different redacted)

no i won't tell you what the [REDACTED]s are. only 5 people on the planet know the first two and only one knows what the last one is.

Why I dislike WHOamI: i can't remember exactly but if i remember i got into a fight about the biology of catgirls and the differences with furries and nekos and catgirls, called whoami a weeb (ironic i know, just weeks later i became one), embarrassed myself with low quality insults and factual incorrectness, and now mildly dislike them but not really anger just annoyance

I'll get a website some day, i'll probably have some kind of comedy news letter and some downloads for the games i mentioned earlier, which i suspect will be played by the favourite youtuber i mentioned earlier, who plays a lot of games (that should be a clue for you)
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