2019-04-24 18:31:02
Akihabara, Japan
hello there

welcome to the second version of my biography which is formatted better.

MESSAGE OF THE DAY: at last i get every popular culture reference by not actually viewing the content but just by seeing reddit memes about them

My 5 favourite countries are:

1) Finland
2) Japan
3) Belgium
4) South Korea
5) Germany

general random things which are good (not in any particular order)::

Caffienated carbonated drinks
Not being dead
SCP Foundation related things
Soundtracks from computer games I like (see part on computer games I like)
Remixes of those soundtracks (half life soundtrack remixes specifically, by morch kovalski or vandoorea)

Bad things:

My brother singing chinese communist party music out loud as loud as he can
Misunderstandings about biology of anime catgirls
Pop music
My impending death
GCSE revision
Game developers encrypting/compressing sound effects in ways I can't steal them
Inability to make minecraft mods in Lua

Best computer games (not in order):

Half Life series including remakes*,

SCP:CB (and remakes like SL, Fragmented Minds, Recontainment etc),

roblox (only my SCP site game or phantom forces, everything else is bad)

minecraft (version 1.7.10 with 46 mods installed),

Garry's Mod (Sometimes)

Fallout 4,

Fallout New Vegas

And of course


DOOM Eternal

DOOM 2016





Garry's Mod DOOM 2016/Eternal Weapons and SNPCs addons

*opposing force and blue shift (DLCs), Black Mesa (independent licenced remake by Crowbar Collective), Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty (Remakes of the DLCs made as mods for Half Life 2, by Tripmine Studios) and also separately the mod Echoes which was played by my favourite youtuber.

i also make scripts but don't have a way to transfer them to other people.

best tpt script: a draw between the one i made and the old version of the inaccurate radioactivity toy that i downloaded but is no longer available

best food: c h i c k e n

worst food: doesn't exist, it's a conspiracy theory

i also don't like conspiracy theories

or religion

phantom forces KDR: 0.54

best music:

1) DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods DLC - Dark Lord Theme

2) Payday 2 - Time Window

3) Doom Eternal - Cultist Base

i got a whole playlist 132 songs long on youtube of best music

best youtube guy: can't say their name for a specific reason, but they played Half Life: Echoes and are from Australia so if you know them you'll know who i mean.


its not desinc

wait is desinc australian

i don't know or care

other good youtube channels (none of them are me):


Phoenix SC,

The Librarian,

sometimes Vargskelethor Joel (but not the rest of vinesauce because the others are crap),

and that other guy who does the computer viruses i can't remember

no the ): is not a sad face

people who have annoyed me: chanman (the dark lord of powder hell) WHOamI (long story explained below), ArseniyPlotnikov2k6 (or was it 2k8), Emperor_of_Catkind (how do i spell emporor) and (to a lesser extent) SlavBoi for racism to the furries (this part was actually written before i became one)

no im not a furry


update: ok it turns out i am

I can't remember how long these people have been here, I don't even know or care who they are any more

best element: i have no idea but probably DEUT because i can make nuclear reactor in 10 seconds using it

Why I dislike WHOamI: i can't remember exactly but if i remember i got into a fight about something, did a lot of very stupid things and embarrassed myself with low quality insults and factual incorrectness, and now mildly dislike them but not really anger just annoyance because i embarrased myself publicly because of them

I'll get a website some day, i'll probably have some kind of comedy news letter with surreal things and weird things and EXTREME POLITICS

communism moment

not communism as in stalin, communism as in marx

like basically social democracy but without the concept of money

not like china or russia, china and russia were just basically america with less human rights

cuba and vietnam were closer but still not great

i gave up on communism because its a good idea but never works because there's always that one guy who just takes it over completely
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