Better WIFI

  • IlikeUssr
    30th July Member 0 Permalink

    So yes. WIFI can only have few independant channels that are set by temp, so why not make for example 100 tmp2 channels (about 10k total, 100x100=10000). It would be a way better than this what is now

  • jacob1
    1st August Developer 0 Permalink
    It's very rare these days to see a save that actually needs more than 100 WIFI channels. It's already hard enough to sync up all 100, remembering which should go to which.

    Years ago when I was trying to make my own game, I didn't get very close to the WIFI limit, I made maybe 20-30 WIFI channels. It was already getting difficult to manage.
  • IlikeUssr
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    ok but if it isn't hard to code, you can just add it as extra feature, you know, it would be really useful in displays