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    (?) means thing that i said can be different between IRL and my idea


    NWST -Nuclear waste , radioactive

    Liquid-powder (tpt.el.falldown=1 , tpt.el.diffusion=0.07)

    Generates in PLUT/ISOZ/ISZS/DEUT/POLO reactions

    Can be refined into PLUT/ISOZ/DEUT/POLO by heating under pressure(?)

    Reacts with NEUT/PROT/PHOT

    URAN under pressure slowly turns into NWST


    SULF -Sulfur , explosives


    Can be melted into MSLF (molten sulfur)

    Used in making GUN (SULF+BCOL(as i readed in wikipedia))


    GRPH -Graphite , solids

    Absorbs NEUT and after a while(600-1200 frames (chooses randomly between them)) relases it in random angle (pardon my knowledge lol)

    Can be used in reactors as NEUT absorber


    ECNT -Energy container , powered

    PSCN to toggle (second spark will turn off) METL to give , NSCN to take

    1 pixel can contain up to 50 SPRKs

    Acts like SPNG , but contains SPRKs and can be discharged


    PLSC -Plastic , solids

    Melts at 300C to MPLS

    When touching PHOT , generates some CO2

    Burns slowly , like INSL but more harder to burn

    When burns , relases many SMKE


    im maybe will edit this post and add more ideas

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    oof and theirs another one


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    I apoligize i will try to control my impulses I'm truly sorry