Why HFLM and not CFLM as identifier?

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    On CFLM's source code, line 9, identifier is "HFLM" and not "CFLM" which is a possible typo but I just wanted to ask, why is it "HFLM" and not "CFLM"?

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     I reported this to @jacob1 a long time ago, i thought it was fixed. Maybe cflm was first called hflm in older versions.

    Anyway, the wiki is user editable, i just corrected the link and it should work fine now.

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    It's probably not a typo, but I'm not sure. It's done this way for historical reasons. I don't know what HFLM originally stood for. We could change it to CFLM at any time without issue.

    There are multiple other elements with names that don't match identifiers, CFLM isn't the only one
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