Scripts (again)

  • VoltZ2018
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    Some scripts are bugged, they can't active, they have errors.

    Some scripts are bugged by another scripts too, like a script (i don't know who are) that bugs "space building materials"

    I need help for some.


    I use the script manager.


    OBS: I posted again because i waited almost one month

  • jacob1
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    Yeah, some scripts are really low quality and break other scripts. If you can figure out which specific ones do it, I might consider deleting them.

    All of them have been tested at one point in time to work. It's possible an update broke some.

    In the future, I will sandbox scripts all into their own execution environments. Then they won't be able to interfere with each other anymore.
  • VoltZ2018
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    I use multiple scripts:

    set wifi v2

    Random Element

    More Fuel Mod-heavy

    Element with random properties

    FPS Gauge

    Powered BHOL

    New Buttons

    Pure Energy

    RCA_s HUD XV Update I

    123456787654 vols

    Singularity Bomb

    Lua Elements Pack

    space building materials

    Napalm mod (yes it's a script)

    Rocket fuel mod v0.15


    TPT's Mod V.3 Update 1 (Creates a loop but still works)

    Max FPS

    Enhanced Element Dehider

    Pixel's Freezer

    Useful Things

    Alchemy Mod

    Element Creator


    Subatomic Pack (BDS)

    Acidic Pack (BDS)

    Factory Problems

    Reinforced Concrete

    TPT_PL_s Lua Mod


    Chemicals (Ligan)

    The Inaccurate Radioactivity Toy (do not works with my options)




    RAD-MOD 1.2.1B


    Immersive Radioactivity

    CHEM-MOD_v1_2_2b (does not work in my options)



    Orbit Simulator

    TPT Remade (does not work in my options)

    EXPLOSIONS (does not work in my options)

    Little's Pack! (does not work in my options)

    Bacteria Mod (works now)

    Only Hot Element (does not work in my options)

    Metals&Materials (does not work in my options)

    The Visual Elements Pack (does not work in my options)

    SNOWified Sing (does not work in my options)

    TPT Remade II (does not work in my options)


    Alone (or with less scripts), SNOWified Sing, The Visual Elements Pack, Only Hot Element, Bacteria Mod and Little's Pack normally works.


    I have a question too. The number after script name when there's an error means what? the line of the error?

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  • Rashoneh
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    Uh.. so i don't know why it does.. am i really? Script will work without errors as well.


    that SNOWified Sing' console was: !ctype snow sing , !set temp snow 9999 and !set tmp snow -999 in this game.

    the Snow will explode in a instant with it's three elements, it is mostly strong to explode.


    EDIT1: Or not, it went on script gone wrong way.

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