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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask how can I change the language of the game. I myself am from Russia but I may not understand some things and liquids. Please make French Russian and many other languages

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    We have plans to add translation support eventually, but as of right now the game doesn't support Cyrillic characters and nobody has translated the game yet.
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    french russian?

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    I don’t know why Google Translate decided to write France Russia
    So sorry :)

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     sorry if that counts as a bump, but could the first translation of TPT be Polish? Polish uses English alphabet letters, with the additions being ó, ?, and ? (tho I might have skipped some letters). Also, I can assist a bit with the translation to Polish process; I know a bit of Polish.

    EDIT: Oh, some letters in Polish in this post got translated into question marks? sorry :(

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    We already have all the latin-1 and cyrillic characters ready. The first translation will be, whatever people decide to translate first. I can't translate myself since I don't speak any other languages.

    Translation is an eventual goal I have, but, not soon. We would also need to provide the list of strings to translate, we don't have that.