how can i delete a thread ?

  • InkSansDEMON
    16th Aug 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    how can i delete my own thread ? if i dont delete them , i cannot create more threads...

  • Lockheedmartin
    16th Aug 2019 Moderator 0 Permalink
    You can't delete threads. There's nothing preventing you from creating more threads, but please do not make threads about the same topic/issue you've posted about in the past. If the issue persists, bump your old thread
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  • InkSansDEMON
    17th Aug 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    yes but how do i bump my old thread ?


  • Cracker1000
    17th Aug 2019 Member 1 Permalink

    @InkSansDEMON (View Post)

    Bumping is done when your thread goes unseen or you were not satisfied with the answer. Bumping an old thread is done by simply posting something in it again.


    However, in your case, Jacob and LBPHacker explained it clearly in there posts about how to join a server. Please read those posts again and in case you still cannot figure out, feel free to bump the thread.

  • Supercrafter
    19th Aug 2019 Member 0 Permalink

    @Cracker1000 (View Post)

     I need to know, how long is delayed posting allowed until it's officially a necro?? 

  • Lockheedmartin
    19th Aug 2019 Moderator 0 Permalink
    @Supercrafter (View Post)
    The answer depends on context. Sometimes we let necro posting slide if there's significant constructive contribution, more than what readily exists (eg. fixing a particular bug or adding to a Lua script's functionality). In most cases we say about a month or older because often people will post on threads without any significant feedback or contribution.

    People are allowed to bump their old threads if they continue to have the issue or they created the thread with the intent to continuously update the content (eg. modded clients, organizations, etc)