How to import saved .cps files

  • thunderheart23
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    Hi I recently threw out my old PC and now am using a mac.


    Before I threw out the old computer, I saved my saved .cps files from powder toy on a USB and now i'm trying to tranfer it onto my newly installed mac OS powder toy. How do I do it?


    According to some old forum posts you just drag the .cps files into the "saves" folder, but there was no saves folder.

  • LBPHacker
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    TPT only creates a Saves (with a capital S) folder when it actually has something to save there. Just save something locally and a Saves folder will automagically appear. Alternatively, you could make one yourself, but the other method is more bullet-proof.

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  • jacob1
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    Go into simulation options and then click "Open Data Folder" near the bottom. Then create a folder called "Saves" (capital S) and copy them there.

    TPT uses a special directory on mac, so just copying them into Saves/ doesn't work. The mac version of TPT has some issues and isn't well-supported, so you also won't be able to update in game, and you can't open saves from the website or by double clicking .cps files.
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