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    NOTE - Music Element


    DISCLAIMER: This element has been suggested before and has been denied, but there will be an option to enable/disable it on the sidebar (see properties)! Please see the edited version at the bottom of the suggestion.



    • Color - rgb(153, 189, 247)

    • Tooltip - “Note, plays a sound when sparked, and can be configured by the CTYPE.”

    • It plays a sound when sparked.

    • The CTYPE changes its properties (instrument, volume, duration, etc.).

    • It would be under the “Electronics” section.




    • PP - Pitch (00: lowest, FF: highest)

    • I - Instrument (0 - F)

    • V - Volume (0 - F, 0 is off, F is loudest)

    • S - Sustain (on or off)

    • D - Duration (1 beat to 16 beats, ½ beats are not supported)

    Its sound can still play even if the NOTE element is deleted (sustain, duration, etc.), but stops playing when the simulation is exited.

    Instrument list (CTYPE):

    • 0 - Piano

    • 1 - Trumpet

    • 2 - Strings

    • 3 - Bass

    • 4 - Marimba

    • 5 - Bell

    • 6 - Harpsichord

    • 7 - Synth

    • 8 - Synth 2

    • 9 - Guitar

    • A - Saxophone

    • B - Flute

    • C - Snare Drum

    • D - Cymbals

    • E - Bass Drum

    • F - Tom Drum

    Instrument list (TMP):

    • 1 - Harmonica

    • 2 - Pipe organ

    • 3 - Bass 2

    • 4 - Synth 3

    • 5 - Bass 3

    • 6 - Oboe

    • 7 - Clarinet

    • 8 - Click (drum set)

    • 9 - Electric guitar

    • 10 - Pipe organ

    • 11 - to be determined

    • 12 - to be determined

    • 13 - to be determined

    • 14 - to be determined

    • 15 - to be determined

    • 16 - to be determined

    The TMP instruments can be accessed by having the CTYPE instrument value set to 0; if the CTYPE is 0 and there is a value in the TMP property, it will ignore the CTYPE instrument set.

    There will be an option on the side (with the newtonian gravity, ambient heat, etc.) that disables NOTE. It would have the letter “M”.



    • Realistic instruments (keyboard, trumpet)

    • Songs! You could show off your musical experience by making an existing songs or composing your own song!

    • Sound Effects! You could make your game play a sound with each action or reward/win!

    • Logos! You could make your logo play a little tune when the simulation is opened!

    • Music composers! You could make a cool machine that lets you compose songs!


    This would probably be hard to code; I might try to make it into a mod/script. It would be nice if it could play at least one instrument (probably the piano) if it was added to the game.


    Edited version:

    There would only be the piano instrument, but in the future it could be possibly be changed by the tmp2 value.

    There would now be 8 instruments instead of 26ish: Piano, Trumpet, Guitar, Base, Synth, Snare Drum, Cymbal, Tom Drum.

    The pitch would be controlled by the tempature value (0 to 88).

    The volume would be controlled by the tmp value (0 to 10, with 10 being the loudest).


    Edit #2:

    This is just an addition to the first edit, but now pitch is controlled by the tempature, volume is controlled with the tmp value, and now, duration is controled by the tmp2 value!


    Each "1" is equal to one beat! ".5" in the tmp2 value is equal to an eigth note! The maximum duration is 16 beats.


    Chart (for the decimals):

    .5 - Eigth note

    .25 - Sixteenth note

    .125 - 32nd note

    .0625 - 64th note


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  • F1R3X
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    Its cool, but, not so usefull for the fisic mechanics of TPT, this is more "aesthetics" i presume.

  • CatArmour
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    The Powder toy would be even better if it had sounds for air pressure & speed and slosing of different intensities for liquids, as well as burning sounds for fire. (and mabye even Optional save soundscapes!)


    I do think that this would be AWESOME to have though.

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    I don't think TPT needs sound, just my opinion on the matter.

  • jacob1
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    If sound is ever added (still unlikely), this is probably how it would be. Someone actually made a pretty cool MIDI mod once.

    But I'm usually listening to music / videos while using my computer, I don't want sound to come out (and have to pause my music) unless it's a real game that requires and will have constant sound. I'd probably use that note disabling option :P. Sound definitely needs a toggle, then only saves which actually require it I'd use it.

    Anyway, i'm somewhat open to an element like this, but someone else is going to have to create it. I don't know where I'd get the samples for those instruments and make them sound good anyway ...
    Also instead of putting all those properties in hex format in .ctype, .tmp / .tmp2 can be used for some. I don't know if we need all of those.

    @CatArmour (View Post)
    Sounds for air pressure / speed aren't going to happen. Same for other sounds coming from movement / physics.
  • Fusionftw
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    The reason why I did the CTYPE instead of the other properties is because it would be easier to configure, plus there is not enough to store all of the options.


    I said 32 instruments because I did not know which would be the best; I chose some that would be nice to have, but some could be removed/swaped.


    The samples could be hard to find, there are some sites that you could use though.

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  • AndrewPoint3
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    I think overall this is a pretty good idea, Although it does have the possibility for new players to abuse and make someone deaf (lol). So it would be a wise idea for tpt to start with sound off.

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    @7VY (View Post)

     If it was up to me, I would leave it optional. 

  • Fusionftw
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    This element would be a good idea, but I would have to make some changes. 

    It probably would only have the piano as an instrument, and only have pitch and volume as properties.

    The pitch should be the LIFE value and the volume would be the TMP value.

    It would have to be this way because it mean less code used, less samples needed, and it would make coding much simpler.

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    @Fusionftw (View Post)
    Why are you critiquing your own element? Can't you just edit the first post?
    (wrong account, maybe?)

    Only piano seems too limiting, but there's also way too many instruments in the first post.
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