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Just figured I'd say hi, and I'm doing fine. Today is 3 March 2020.

Also, the RP history has been updated.


I have much of a story to tell, and I wish I could tell all of it. I have played for many many years on TPT, all of which has lead me to leave.

I worked on many projects and saves. I met many people. Some whom I will hate forever more, some who I know are reading this, those I had as friends from the beginning.

It was an adventure, really. It's like a big elementary school playground.

I tried. I tried, I learned, I grew. When I started playing TPT, I was but a simple teenage boy. I've learned a lot about not just TPT but of real, tangible things. I understand it now. I get it. It took so long to understand. You'll figure it out too, once you reach the TPT dead end.

There are many reasons I left, of course you should know that the greatest reasons are:

Exhaustion of creative abillity
Real life opportunities
Real life-changing events
The sense of limits

I feel limited by TPT's neglected toolset, community, and broadness (or lacktherof) of appeal.

I experienced a life changing accident, which made me realize my priorities. Those of you who knew me knew what that was, and you can know it was serious.

I experienced a broadening of my desire to do art related things. I can't develop games in TPT. I can't create art of any form, and share it with millions of people, or even with close familly, who fail to recognise the appeal of TPT.

I reached my 6 year long goal, which I was never supposed to reach. I did it. I did what I wanted to do. I created 20+ pages of saves, each expressing a creative desire of mine to my greatest abillity. I got many views, I got many votes. I was done. I could retire.

Maybe you will figure it out.

I just don't want to be here anymore. I don't have anything to do, and I can't reach any greater hights than I already have.

It's been almost exactly two months since my leaving, and in my weeks before I last closed the game, there were hundreds of people I influenced, whom I had never seen a comment from.

I began creating that final save knowing I had influenced virtually nobody, and that I was simply a stain on the floor below the top rated saves, whose owners have long fled in search of real life.

Knowing somebody cared, that somebody will remember is comforting. I left my mark, something that thousands of users likely never will. Other users that joined around the same time as me, they've been dead for half a decade, and I'm fairly certain I'm the only person who knows thier username.

The journey of the sci-fi RP groups?

Now that really was something. Well, mostly it was total f*cking chaos.

Figured I'd write this down somewhere.

Late Summer 2018 UC unofficially begins.

8 June 2019 First Official UC page is created.

22 Jul 2019 UC full, new UC pages created.

15 Sep 2019 UC collapses and closes.

12 Oct 2019 I started work on UCII.

29 Oct 2019 I was working with vamp, planning IFG.

08 Nov 2019 the beta page was complete.

9 Nov 2019 IFG / UCII was released.

01 Feb 2020 IFG / UCII shut down.

01 Feb 2020 GC begins development.

11 Mar 2020 CatArmour's Faction List is fufilled.

19 Mar 2020 GC is announced publicly.

12 May 2020 GCII is closed.

(?) Dice's Intergalactic Empires becomes hub of activity

09 Dec 2020 Dice Neglects IE

24 May 2020 CatArmour resigns from TPT

13 October 2020 GCIII begins development

10 December 2020 GCIII ceases development

22 December 2020 Vampireax's Space Game Succeeds Intergalactic Empires

(?) GCIII server modified to become GCIV

(?) GCIV server discontinued

10 January 2021 CatArmour private TPT activity ends

27 January Vampireax's Space Game officially Ends

1 February 2021 Vampireax's Space Game transitions to Space Oddyssey

9 February 2021 C&DIII development officially begins.

In general all of these RPs had issues because real dissagreements turn into game ones, and because it is an RP not a GAME with strict rules and a board, this always got out of hand. TL;DR UC+ was bad because it's easy to take everything to serious, and make real enemies in the process It was a tremendous waste of time to manage and play.

I suppose I was a large influence in the world of RP for quite a few years, and that's what I'll probably be known for. It makes me sad, knowing that the most difficult and shitty goddamn RP was what I might be remembered for.

Still, I embrace that. It was literally my greatest time investment, and I wish I had a counter to count the number of hours I spent trying to settle and start disputes, as well as typing out commands and articles for the Cat Union, my oldest self created faction, to this day. I might as well list the history of the Cat Union here as well, given it now has a limited life span in my mind, as well as the minds of others.

Year 186 -> 695 - Cat Union
-7th & 8th gen ships in service
-First & Second Union war [CU vs NE] - Loss
-Void Telescopes created
-First Intergalactic War [CATSAP vs INGSOC] - Loss
-Second Intergalactic War [IA + IC (IAP) vs FA] - Loss

Year 695 -> 696 - Torman Dominion
-9th gen ships in service
-Third Union War [CU vs NE] - Loss
-First Civil War - Victory

Year 696 -> 704 - Cat Empire
-Refurbished 8th & 9th gen ships in service,
(gen 11)
-Reformed Cat Union in QR65634 - Loss

Year 704 -> 780 - Combined Cat Empire
-12th & 13th gen ships in service
-Second Civil War -> Re-reformed CU - Victory

Year 780 -> 800+ Cat Union
-14th gen ships in service
-Third Intergalactic War - [AN + Allies vs VSGE + Allies] - Loss
-Last Void Telescope destroyed
>>>Extradimensional Exploration

That's about it. In three years of history, that's most of the important stuff that happened.

To you Frads, you're unreasonable, and I still don't want to encounter you again, and I never will. Though I don't think I hate you, not anymore.

To you Unicellular, I'm sorry I let it get so out of hand. I always respected your opinion, even if I didn't "respect" it. You're the true lawful neutral.

To you, DrBrick, I don't like people who contradict themselves, but I think you're an ok guy, and I wished we could be friends.

To you, Foxenterteinment, I wish I could explain to you that I think you're the most skilled TPT player, but you being part of UC and everything beyond ruined that. I'm sorry.

To you, SuperJohn, Don't come back.

To you, Vampireax, I will honor your ideas, and I wish I didn't need to leave you behind. No hard feelings. And maybe tell the mistakes of myself to others.

To you, NuttyMcNuttzz, You've been a cool friend and ally for many years. I hope you choose to either continue or don't with TPT, it's been too ling since you made one of the cool saves that first inspired me to make saves like yours.

To you, Aurimukstis, Continue to love space, and please stop calling me Kitkat.

To you, AVeryBigNurd, Keep the RP community in TPT going strong, even if it's terrible. Your RPs hold an important place in TPT, even if it's not that popular.

To you, DiceFlame, Continue to be a chill dude.

To you, FireStorm, I think your Blender skills are excellent, even if you did little to participate in UC and GC most of the time.

To you, NPC2. I think your building skills are very impressive, and you never cease to amaze in your development of your faction. I wish I didn't have to keep deleting the in-depth messages of such a dedicated player.

To you, Umm. You're quite the troublemaker, and I respect that. Thanks for being a friend.

And that's it. That's who I was.

And that's all I will be, here anyways.
Thank you all, for the fun I had, and the community I found.

Original Bio:


I am the cat man, a lover of TPT and science fiction all around, and i spend a lot of my time creating cat related and sci-fi related technologies and places. I also love millitary vehicles and weaponry.


End of Bio

We'll meet again,
Don't know where,
don't know when..!
But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day.

Keep smiling through,
just like *you*... always do..!
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds,
far away!

So will you please say hello,
to the folks that I know,
tell them, "I won't be long..!"

They'll be happy to know,
that as you saw me go,
I was singing-this-song!

We'll... meet again,
don't know where,
don't know when..!
But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day!

We'll meet again,
don't know where,
don't know when..!
But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day!

Keep smiling through,
just like *you*... always do!
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds
far... away!

So will you please say hello,
to the folks that I know,
tell them, "I won't be long..!"

They'll be happy to know,
that as you saw me go,
I was singing-this-song!

We'll... meet again,
don't know where,
don't know when..!
But I know we'll meet again,