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     If you open the simulation options and scroll down, you will see an "open data folder" option. Click on it to open the folder.

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     when i use mods sometimes the elements generate annoying error messages that block the screen can you make an option where it doesnt show you mod error messages




    also isnt UV just the same as photon? you could make different wavelengths (you can include UV) for photon but thats probably impossible

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     Again, when you say "mod" i assume it's some other script mod that's giving errors because elements from mine shouldn't be giving any sort of error.

    (It would be really nice if you could provide the exact error tho)


    UV isn't same as PHOT, it interacts with other elements (like killing stkm, affecting plnt growth and other stuff.)

    If you want to suggest more uses, feel free to do so.

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     by mod i mean ingame scripts i use

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    So when I was going to launch the application my microsoft virus alert popsup. I check it out. Says there a trojan virus exe inside. And that proceed WILL allow creator to access and control the pc. So mind explaining?

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    There is no virus in this mod (see the comments on the previous page).

    The source code is publicly auditable here:
    So if there were a virus, it would be in the source code.

    The source code is then compiled and hosted on my website, you can find the build logs for the latest version here to confirm it was actually compiling the version from github.

    Antiviruses just like to claim that unsigned code they haven't seen before is a virus. Once enough people use the latest version of a mod, it stops complaining.
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