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    Version 25.1 released!

    Move the Mod Menu button (V button at top) to bottom near tags.
    Add a nice little preview for custom themes.
    Fix Cross hair showing up too bright on startup even when brightness settings were turned on.
    Fix Top bar not reverting back the alpha value when switching to Pulse theme.
    Merge top bar into theme function.
    Set drawcap to 0 instead of 60 when turning off the performance mode.
    Fix editor values.
    Fix alpha slider not showing up when launching the mod for first time.
    Adjust the values for FPS colour change.

    Fixes and changes from snapshot 222:
    Disallow CGOL with duplicate rulestrings or names > 7 chars
    Make LITH->GLAS reaction easier
    LITH explodes when overcharged, update charge graphics
    Preserve GoL deco in older saves; deco on builtin GoL no longer renders when decorations are offDisallow GOL rulesets with no B states.


    Edit: Version 25.2 released!
    Fix the alignment of mod settings button.
    Bump version to 96.1
    Adjustments to theme's default alpha values.
    Fix certain Lua APIs mangling integers (Fixes dcolor bug for 32 bit windows version.)

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    Can you make the new mod options menu a ^ in the same place it is right now so it doesnt interfere so much, I think it's a bit bulky right now.

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    @IEATDIRT (View Post)

     I could make it a bit smaller but not a ^ or any other symbol.

    Earlier it was placed at such a prominent position that using symbols worked just fine but now, since it looks like a part of normal UI, it needs to stand out a bit.

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    How Can I make bigger explosion with Without make bigger sphere?