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    can you add a semi metal that only accept inwr and pscn but dosent work to iron or gold and add a insl v 2 which is indestroyable and add a pet  for stickman and add some neut v2 which is in the radioactive zone it dosent change goo and add super acid add honey for the bees

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     DMRN exists. It's basically indestructible INSl that also shields elements from radiation.

    There was a pet element in older versions but it was removed because of how buggy it was (It might be added back in future?)


    Regarding rest of the points, they are either already possible with existing elements or too specific to be implemented.

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    can you add a zinc powder that make sprk when it touches water like a  battery

  • Cracker1000
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     I might add the support for cyriliic fonts to texter in the final version i.e 25.0

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    There's LITH powder in game, you can check it out.


    I am releasing a new version 24.5, the major addition is of "Editor Mode" to the game. It allows you to edit almost all the properties of any element in game without a need to restart. Although me and some other users have tested it out but still feel free to report any bug


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    Why last update is detected as Wacatac trojan by MS Defender?


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    Don't download this. Last update this is installing trojan.

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    This is untrue. Please see the past many reports of this issue: in the snapshots, in this mod, in my mod, in vanilla.

    I reported that exact issue to Microsoft back in March, and they claimed it was resolved. Windows Defender is very aggressive, and labels most .exe files it hasn't seen before as "trojan", despite the fact that there's nothing harmful in it. To represent this, it also attaches "!ml" to the end of the virus name "Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml". This !ml stands for "machine learning", aka some AI decided it could be a virus, but it hasn't actually been detected as one.

    If it were a real virus, it wouldn't have the "!ml" in the name, and any of the other 60 virus scanners virustotal uses also would have detected it. But they didn't, because it's not a virus.

    Microsoft Defender flags every new update of any vanilla release or mod as a virus, until it's seen it for enough time, and starts to trust it. Cracker1000's mod will likely be "detected" as a virus for a few days until it decides to stop. Still though, you shouldn't wait, you can safely ignore what it says and run the mod anyway.

    Lastly, I will point out the line of trust that guarantees this mod is safe. First, this mod's source code is on github. Second, it's compiled on github (which is owned by Microsoft btw) and you can audit the log files of the compilation. Lastly, Github uploads it directly to my server, and you can see the logs of the release process. If there were a virus in the mod, it would have to be put into the source code on github, or my server would have to be hacked. Neither is the case. Cracker1000 is a trusted mod developer and everything is compiled on Github and stored on official servers, nobody inserted a virus into the mod, I can guarantee that.
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    Ok, so false positive, thanks for explaining.

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     Ok, thanks for explaining.