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  • Cracker1000
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    Update 4.0

    Make INSD block energy particles.

    Signs now show life and .tmp properties of particles.

    Add new element COND (conditioner).

    Add new element LED (Light emitting Diode).

    Some bug fixes.

  • Brian101
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    Name: TELE

    Colour: PRTI color

    Properties: Upon placing, a GUI will appear like the PROP tool. Give it the coordinates of the area you wish to move then the coordinates of the arrival zone. Then when powered it will duplicate the selected area at the arrival zone and destroy the original.

    Description: Teleporter. Input coordinates to teleport

  • Cracker1000
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    @Brian101 (View Post)

     Hmm it's slightly difficult to implement but i will do it once i finish all the pending work.

    Version 4.2:

    Signs now show .tmp,.tmp2 and life of elements.

    Lithium element added (it's really interesting)

    Led element works perfectly now. 

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  • Cracker1000
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    Version 4.8

    Includemost recent changes to match official tpt.

    Builds for MAC OS and LINUX (32 and 64 bit) are available now.

    Change the way how LED and LITH elements worked (more polished now)

    Fix heat conductivites and colour values of some elements.

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  • FyrHeadOG
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    What about a bomb that sucks in like SING and when not "fed" enough in some time explodes horribly? Just got into my mind and i decided to put that here. :)))

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    @FyrHeadOG (View Post)

     That doesn't even sound good. Example: Mark: Hey let's make a element that explodes if not fed singularity. Eric: Let's not, plus that doesn't even make sense or great!

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  • FyrHeadOG
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    Aight, sorry.

  • XGEM_Gaming
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    Hehe :-)

    If you put a pile of feul in a chamber of NSCN (only one I tested so far so there will probably be more) then it only burns when you SPRK the chamber. :-) :-) :-) (Thinks) *flamethrowers, toggle burners, motorcycles, ...*

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    @FyrHeadOG (View Post)

    It's all good, but you how dumb that would be? I imagined it and I chuckled a little bit (in my head).


  • DanielGalrito
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    @NUCLEAR_FOX (View Post)

     Doesn't it just mean that it would behave like SING in that it would suck matter into itself?