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  • Marnzzzz
    19th July Member 0 Permalink

    when i tried to update powder toy it deleted ti and when i reinstalled it i didnt have any of my saved maps (about 20) and my saved (items?, around 12 pages) its lost now but id like to know was my pc being a bi*** or was there a problem with powder toys new version?

  • jacob1
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    @Prd (View Post)
    See this thread on the topic -

    It is a false positive. You'll have to set an exception in your antivirus for now.

    @catchphrase911 (View Post)
    This is an anti-save scraping mechanic. TPT probably thought you were loading too many saves at once, and blocked you. All you can do is wait it out (in fact, attempting to view more saves will make the blocking last longer.

    @Marnzzzz (View Post)
    Which folder did you have TPT in before, and which folder is it in now? Try to copy TPT to the same folder you had Powder.exe in before, so that it can see all of its data. Also, you can use "Open in Data Folder" in the options menu to find where TPT currently wants it's data to be stored in.

  • ojas
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    hey jacob how do i log-in in the game because when i do that it says incoreect i tryed evrything but didnt work pls help

  • happykrcheese
    20th July Member 0 Permalink

    TPT Mac version opens title screen when clicking 'open' on the web (i mean the save page). This issue was in 95.0, 96.0, 96.1 (I only know these three because I only tried these three)

  • DanielGalrito
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    The copy paste function stopped working for lua elements. When pasting, these elements aren't drawn.

  • HumdrumFungus78
    28th July Member 0 Permalink

    I know that fans do not work on mobile that prevents me from making a ac to cool my deut for nuke I have a idea ???? to fix it please add the yeet rod. You can hold the yeet rod on the fan and drag to set the air flow and please add pressure display to mobile.

  • XxItzzGalaxIshXx
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    I got 1 mil pressure