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    Almost forgot to respond ...

    @Victor101 (View Post)
    Their game, and "Falling Everything" engine isn't open source. So even if I wanted to, I couldn't copy it.

    Their engine wouldn't work for TPT anyway. It works great for their game, but it has no heat conduction, air simulation, newtonian gravity, state changes, and numerous other properties that TPT elements have. It also uses a greatly simplified movement model (which is one of the reasons theirs is a little faster), TPT particles move much better, especially gases and liquids.

    I still want to use some of the ideas they had in their engine, and apply it to TPT. But I'm not just going to copy their engine.

    Also, rude ):


    TPT is almost a game
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    Beta 95.0 has been released.

    To get it, download it from the above page. Or, go into profile settings and check "Enroll in beta updates".

    This updates has significant backend updates / refactors, and also a long overdue https security update. If there are no problems, I'll release it by or on the weekend. Note that I made some fixes to the build server, to fix the mac and 64-bit Linux versions. The current snapshots are entirely broken on mac, and the Linux version is broken on newer systems without libssl1.0 (like my new pc). I would especially like testing for these two versions of the game, since the snapshots were broken for so long.

    • All web traffic to the TPT server now uses https. This prevents others from intercepting or modifying network traffic
    • Thumbnails (both local and online) now load significantly faster
    • Fix stamp and local save thumbnails being stretched
    • Use current render mode when rendering stamps
    • Circle brush now has smooth edges
    • Keep brush radius consistent between shapes
    • Add .life serialization support to lsns
    • Make water equalization fill in areas slightly more naturally
    • Fix potential stack overflow with water when water eqalization is enabled
    • PIPE with lava now shows in HUD as "PIPE with molten [ctype]"
    • Add new sign types: {type}, {ctype}, {life}, {tmp}, {tmp2}
    • Search signs now drawn in purple instead of blue
    • Forum thread signs now drawn in red instead of blue
    • Smudge tool is now smudgier
    • Options for controller color space of smudge tool in simulation settings
    • Add option to change menu selection from hovering to click
    • Add option to control whether pressure is included in saves and stamps
    • Fix replace mode not affecting energy particles
    • Fix replace mode not working with Lua elements
    • Fix pressure / ambient heat being saved as 0 instead of not at all when holding shift
    • Fix GLAS, TUNG and QRTZ breaking on load when saved at high pressures
    • Fix STK2 rocket boots not saving in saves
    • Increase local browser UI size
    • Remember unsubmitted commands in console even after scrolling through history
    • Element search ui can now search by description
    • "Rescan Stamps" now sorts stamps by time created
    • Add Lua api to handle default element properties
    • Add Lua apis to recieve callbacks on element creation or deletion, and on ctype draw
    • Add Lua api to control zoom windows: ren.zoomEnabled, ren.zoomWindow, ren.zoomScope
    • Add Lua api to make https requests
    • Add various Lua constants to sim. for handling state transitions
    • Add sim.CELL Lua constant
    • Fix tpt.eltransition
    • Fix unsigned integer properties being returned as signed integers from certain Lua functions
    • Add NewtonianGravity property to elements, controls how strongly newtonian gravity affects the element
    • Allow unicode in element names (useful for Lua scripts)
    • Add file drop handler, you can now drop .cps and .stm files onto the window
    • Fix saving/loading window position on 2nd monitor
    • Guess best window scale on startup at first run instead of offering only double scale mode
    • Add disable-network command line argument
    • Add command line option "redirect" to redirect output to stdout.txt / stderr.txt
    • Fix an issue where one character in words that wrapped over two lines disappeared
    • Fix "Error loading save" stamps appearing when using tptmp
    • Fix some memory leaks
    • Major refactors to many components, including thumbnail rendering, multithreaded task handling, http requests (libcurl), Lua api handling, element creation and event handling, and the structure of c++ element files (:crab: is gone! :crab:). Special thanks to LBPHacker for contributing many of these things.
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    Just want to let you know... the FIGH in some saves appear... blue-headed. normal fighters that I plop in are normal, but the ones I have saved are strangely blue-headed. 

    Save ID:2170586. the heads of the FIGH were not blue before. I have no clue why they are like this now.


    edit: just found out... it is with ALL my saves. if the STKM is using an element (exe. STKM(DUST)) then it sticks with what it has, otherwise, the heads of FIGH are a light blue. baby blue perhaps. 

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    @boomtish214 (View Post)
    Blue heads happen when stickmen go into FAN wall. This allows them to create air instead of some element. Looks like an actual bug, those FIGH shouldn't load with fan selected.
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    "thanks" for update , now round brush size 2 is analogic to square brush size 2 D: , give back old brush from previous version , it was better than 95.0 . And why does brush size now synchronizes(lol , sorry for badly spelt word(i mean written)) , this is a bit not comfortable when you make creation and use same size of all brushes when in old ver you can change size to all and it will be different .

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    round brush size very cool

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    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)
    I might consider adding an option (I did this in my mod). The old brush wasn't actually a perfect circle though. And it's not a big deal that the 2 radius brush is the same, because that's so small anyway.

    I also intentionally wanted all brush shapes to use the same radius, instead of having separate ones. This is less confusing (just a single radius to track), and is also how it used to work before tpt was rewritten into c++ many years ago.
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    One problem with the beta is that jacob1's "set wifi v2" script. I used to work, but now it spams the confirmation window whenever I place a wifi.

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    Personally, I prefer the old circle brush to the new. If you don't change it back, at least make it a new option.